3D City: Rain Check

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular.

Another rainy weekend. Another batch of rainy day wigglegrams. (Ilford film shot on my Nimlso 3D cam)

Big thanks to Photoworks SF for supporting these 3D City columns. Ever since I’ve been shooting film, Photoworks has been my go to place for developing and scans.

9 Responses to “3D City: Rain Check”

  1. Mark G says:

    YA….ok.. we’ve ALL seen animated gifs before. seriously?

  2. Mark G says:

    this is not art! ugh

  3. Mark G says:

    I agree. I just think they are boring photos. And it’s just gimmicky to have them move back and forth. “oooooooo they moooove”. look – we’re not 16 yrs old on our first acid trip. REAL photography doesn’t need to hide behind gimmicks. try harder.

  4. Tuffy says:

    I agree that this trend is a bit dated. Not quite as bad as simulated tilt-shift but I think it takes a lot of planning to make this format interesting. Simply taking a snapshot and having it wave back and forth forever is boring.

    The first pic of the microcar is a perfect example of something that makes absolutely zero use of the format — I see that car all of the time and I walk by that window regularly and this would be such a better photo if it were in color and not moving for the sake of moving.

    These shots are best when there are very extreme differences between foreground, middle ground and background. Also, the busier the subject matter and more things going on the better. It’s all about motion. The pic you use in the ad I think is one of the better examples of a good application.

  5. Alexis Smith says:

    I had fun watching this 3D City. Thanks for this post.

  6. jenny from SF says:

    “waving back & forth forever is boring.” <<< couldn't agree more!

  7. 24-24 says:

    These photos are actually quite boring. You should maybe take a photo theory class and figure some things out if you want to take interesting photographs because it isn’t working out for you alone thus far. I am not trying to be rude, just frank…