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Experience the Unknown Pleasures of an amazing New Wave dance party every 2nd Thursday at Pops Bar with HANG THE DJ.  A night of post-punk, new wave, synth-pop, soul and R&B throwbacks to keep you moving on the dance floor.  Love may tear us apart but music brings us together.  Check out Hang The DJ with ZeroOne on local mission radio station Saturdays from 2-4pm.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Krautrock pioneers faUSt invade the Mission tonight!

Here’s their latest:

8pm tonight at the Chapel! Tix and info here.

….and an oldie:

Need a Vacation?

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We hear you. It’s a little hard to focus on work while your instagram feed fills up with pictures of all the exotic places your friends are visiting.  While we can’t literally whisk you away, we can provide a sanctuary of good people, drinks and music to soothe your tired soul.  This Wednesday, get over the hump with us at VACATION dance party.  DJ Jesse Ro and Company take you away to a R&B // Hip Hop // Remixes // Tropical // House oasis.  And this VACATION won’t bust your wallet. It’s no cover all night long!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Jonathan Richman is playing in the Mission and it’s NOT at the Make-Out Room for once


Nothing against Make-Out Room at all, but I figured it’s worth noting that he’s played Make-Out Room multiple times a year for at least the last 15 years I can remember — but very very rarely anywhere else in the neighborhood. Thursday night he plays the Chapel, with Tommy Larkins on drums of course.

Get tickets and more info here.

Here’s a recording of Talking Heads covering “Pablo Picasso” a long time ago:

[Original photo by Night Fog Reader (RIP)]

Vote Pops for Prom King


If you hated your prom, loved your prom, or missed it entirely, this Saturday at Pops Bar is your opportunity to make new memories to compliment or replace your emo teenage feelings.  Sadderday SF presents a Class of 2018 Emo Prom with DJs Kevin Kannibal and Ashley Suicide spinning emo, pop punk, scremo & electro.  Wear your best or worst or most beloved formal attire, bring someone special, or meet someone new. These are the best days of our lives.  And don’t worry, there will absolutely be a prom court to be voted on so get ready to do your best wheelin’ and dealin’.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Reminder: Christopher Owens + Curls show rescheduled for this Sunday night


I know everybody got all excited about this show happening a few weeks back, but then it got rescheduled. Now it’s Sunday night, at the Chapel, don’t forget. Info and tix here.

Happy Birthday CUFFIN!

image1 (7)

This Friday at Pops Bar, come cuffed or leave cuffed as we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of CUFFIN, an all things R&B party! CUFFIN is a No Frills R&B party that plays R&B music from all eras. You’ll hear ANTHEMS. ALBUM CUTS. REMIXES. SLOW JAMS and of course SING ALONGS all night. The goal is to make you DANCE! From 90s Classic R&B to today’s Futuristic R&B and of course some of that new ratchet R&B for you ratchets out there, we make your Friday night smoothed out on the R&B tip……after all every season is CUFFIN season.

Tunes by:

  • AMP
  • Jon Reyes
  • Boogie Brown

Special Guests:


Follow CUFFIN on IG: CuffinSF

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


SUPERBACANA! Brazilian Wax


This Wednesday Guillermo, Lady Z & Professor Brian Oblivion bring SUPERBACANA! to Pop’s Bar! It’s a function that will celebrate classic and rare Brazilian music on wax all night long! Bossa, samba soul, tropicalia, soul, funk, boogie, psych, jazz and more all from Brazilian artists with that distinct Brazilian swing.

Back in the day there was a party called Gostosa that Guillermo and Allen Thayer (Wax Poetics) used to throw at Casanova once a month. They had Greg Caz of Brazilian Beat Brooklyn come through to play a killer set of funky Brazilian records. Joel Stones of Tropicalia In Furs dropped a set of face melting Brazilian psych records. Kon and Amir heard it was happening while they were in town and came down just to kick it. Plus loads of local Brazilian music collectors and DJs such as Elan, Ivan, Jonny Blunck and Cameron. It was a paradise dedicated to older Brazilian music, both rare and classic, aimed straight for the dance floor. SUPERBACANA! is the next evolution of that party!

Come through and bring your dancing shoes!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


In The Cut

in the cut-instagram-flyer (1)

Need something funky for your weekend wind down?  Every 2nd Sunday from 10pm to close, Pablito and friends bring you IN THE CUT.  Old and new hip-hip, fresh-groove bangers, classic soul hits and everything in between.  Stop by for tasty drinks, share your smiles in the photo booth and shake some damn tail feathers!  Whatever your flavor we’re sure to keep your head boppin’!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Rock ‘n’ roll show tonight at Elbo Room

Starring the legendary B. Hamilton from Oakland! Here’s their latest, a TRIPPY cover of Phil Collins’s greatest song ever, “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis:

Also there’s Bread & Butter from Seattle, who seem pretty good too:

Plus Autogramm from Canada and/or maybe the ’80s!

And finally, Sob Stories, also from Oakland, whose debut video we gushed about late last year:

Quite a lineup! RSVP and invite your friends!