In San Francisco, we wait…

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And then we wait some more. We wait for ice cream, for bbq, for coffee, for any decent restaurant, for any decent experience at all really, it’s almost become a social experiment: the lines of San Francisco. One of the longest running San Francisco waiting experiences is maybe the harshest, the wait for BRUNCH! You’re starving and you’re so close to your favorite hang over meal you can taste it but you put your name in for an excruciating hour long wait. Well mission dwellers, if your wait happens to be at the classic St. Francis Fountain, the struggle is over. Enter The Brunch Mob at Pops Bar! Every Saturday from 10am to 3pm, leave your name at the Fountain and hop over to Pops Bar. There you’ll find our amazing Bartender Deb ready to serve you up a delicious Bacon Bloody Mary while DJs Milton Badley and Snelly Davis Jr. spin soothing classics to ease you into your morning. So grab a little hair of the dog or a nice morning buzz to amuse you on the way to your great San Francisco wait. At Pops Bar, we’re waiting for YOU!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:

10/16/17 MONDAY

Monday & Chill

Come join us for drinks at your favorite neighborhood bar. Streaming non stop good times since 1937.


10/17/17 TUESDAY

Trivia Tuesdays
Pops Quiz
$2 to play

Join us every Tuesday of the month and test your wits at Pops trivia night “POP’s Quiz” where your brain may get stump on categories such as Pop’s culture, Sports, Movies, Music and more, with little snippets of audio and visual effects too! So come on in for some good ole fashion competition and a night of drinking with the crew! It is a 2 dollar cover and winner gets the pot!! so tell friends and family because the more peeps the steeper the cash prize is!!

Electro-Cumbia Breaks, Hip Hop, Nu Latin Beats
No Cover
21 UP


10/18/17 WEDNESDAY

Sound of Confusion
with DJs Cityhobb & B-Quiet
6-9pm /No Cover
Punk, Post-Punk, Synth Wave Forms, Garage Rock, Rhythmic Blues & Purple Psychedelic Carnage

Spin the Night
Spin the night is a fun boozy filled evening showcasing the local heroes working hard to keep the music scene alive and well in San Francisco. No particular genre, just music that inspires us to party on.
9:00 PM – Close
No Cover


10/19/17 THURSDAY

The Pop Files
A celebration of Sci Fi and the Supernatural at Pops Bar. Ponder the mysteries of universe with us.

DJ Mobando
Happy Hour 6-9pm with DJ Mobando brings a Bay Area set for the people. Always slappin, always eclectic.

Soul for the Blues, and Blues for the Soul.
ft. DJ’s
Booker D
A night of powerful Soul Sides and Boozey Blues 45′s!
No Cover


10/20/17 FRIDAY

Haight Street All Stars
If you are looking for a good time, Todd’s rock and roll band, “The Haight Street All-Stars” will exceed your highest expectations. Featured at the Haight Street Fair this year, the blues/rock sensation, “The Haight Street All-Stars” will keep you dancing throughout the night. Playing songs to the likes of James Brown, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Albert King and many more. “The Haight Street All-Stars” are fun from beginning to end. Come on out to enjoy some soul in San Francisco !

Roger Niner Karaoke
“Roger Niner is back in The Mission… at Pops! And he’s bringing his big ole’ book of rare and unheard karaoke tunes! Find and sing a new favorite or a long forgotten oddity! Karaoke like you never left the basement of your parents house! We go until they tell us to shut the hell up! Check out the songbook at, and PREPARE!”

Facebook: Roger Niner Karaoke
Twitter: @rogerniner
Instagram: @rogerniner


10/21/17 SATURDAY

The Brunch Mob
with DJs Milton Badley and Snelly Davis Jr. Soothing classics to accompany your Bacon Bloody Mary.

The Rec Department
Nothing But Slap All Night
feat. The Rec Dept & Special Guests
No Cover


10/22/17 SUNDAY

La Piñata
The perfect blend of Electro-Cumbia, Breaks, Hip Hop, and Nu Latin Beats ready to be scooped up. Every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month with DJ Clave spreading the beats from 5-10pm. Free Salsa, Cumbia & Merengue Dance Lessons from 5-6pm with Colombian dance expert, Natalia.


2800 24th Street @ York
San Francisco, CA 94110

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