Who is William Onyeabor?

A few weeks back I was at Rock Bar and this song came on, this subtle, weird, trippy, really long song. It went really well with my drink, so after a while I shazammed it. “Atomic Bomb” by William Onyeabor it was. I looked it up on Spotify the next day and listened to it over and over for many days in a row.

About 2 weeks later, I was planning a trip to Australia, looking up stuff to do in Sydney, and lo and behold on the weekend I’m meant to be there, there’s an event on as part of the annual Sydney Festival called “Atomic Bomb: The Music of William Onyeabor,” and it’s billed as starring members of LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and the Rapture, as well as Money Mark, jazz legend Pharoah Sanders and contemporary Aussie legend (and Tenderloin legend and Mission legend) Gotye. So I booked tickets.

It happened this past Saturday night and it blew my mind. A huge all-star band playing the songs of this near-forgotten dude from the past that from the sounds of it made most all his music on early synthesizers. And it ruled. It was the best concert I’ve seen all year. (Even better than Tonstartssbandht!)


  1. Listen to the music of William Onyeabor.
  2. Try to see this group if they come around. They’re being billed as “Atomic Bomb Band” or “Atomic Bomb: Who Is William Onyeabor?” or maybe other variations. I hear they’re playing Bonnaroo.
  3. As we’ve said again and again, pay attention to the music at Rock Bar.

Music for the Mission: This week at Pop’s

[Editor's note: We are pleased as punch to have Pop's Bar as a sponsor this week! They're bringing nightly musical entertainment to 24th and York and it's gonna be the bomb. We probably would've posted all this anyway because we love what Pop's is doing and we like to support cool local endeavors, but they offered to come in as a sponsor (hopefully because they like what we do and clearly because they like to support cool local endeavors). Thanks, Pop's!]

1/19/15 MONDAY

MOM at POPS: Motown on Mondays
It’s only Monday if you treat it like one.

8PM START, 1:30AM end
The most talked about night in town.

Check out my

Mondays at Pops


1/20/15 TUESDAY

“Quality Latin BASS”
Every Tuesday at POPS BAR
Music: FREE (Local BayArea DJ`s)
Salsa Lesson: FREE (Instructor La Muerte)
Time: 9pm – 2am

Tropicana is BACK in town! Every TUESDAY night for the WINTER season. Bringing “Quality Latin BASS”, by playing some of the latest – up to date latino music genres.. of course respecting the classics…

With Tropicana Nights, our purpose is to create space for cultural diversity and environmental awareness. Community and music can do a lot of great positive impact in society.

Music by local BayArea DJ`s, such as Stepwise, El Kool Kyle, Mr. Lucky, Mr. E, J Boogie and more…

Salsa I LatinHouse I Latin HipHop I Moombahton I DubCumbia I Merengue I Bachata I Dancehall I LatinReggae I and more…



Eighty-Five Song Happy Hour 6-9PM

Nick Pal spins short songs because life is short. Hard rock, power pop, punk and pop vinyl.

Wu Tang Wednesdays


Every Wednesday Night at POPS BAR
Razor Sharp Sounds sliced by DJ Kevvy Kev
Classic 90s Hip Hop
No Cover


1/22/15 THURSDAY

6-9PM Happy Hour Entertainment

Local Mission Musician Suzanne Cortez and her All star line up group Adelante will be performing. They will be performing a “Santana Tribute” right in the Heart of the Mission.

BFF.FM Night

Rotating DJs from BFF.fm radio! This week: HELLO, CHEETLE. Ear rippers and garage bangers.


No Cover!


1/23/15 FRIDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM

Chris Reid & Calvin Lai present Swing & Blues

Versus Everyone Else – INXS Edition

From the producer of The Prince and Michael Experience, DJ Dave Paul presents a new theme party – VERSUS EVERYONE ELSE. Each edition will spotlight the music of a particular artist/band paired up with their contemporaries.

In honor of Michael Hutchence (January, 22, 1960 – November 22, 1997) the first edition of this theme party will shine the spotlight on INXS.

9pm-1:30am / free


1/24/15 SATURDAY

Shortshortzz and Lisa P present CULT OF CHOICE. Sway, groove, nod, float, fly, small-dance, big-dance, talk, or stare to rarities and well-knowns—from Chic and Chaka Khan to Todd Terje and Tensnake. Nine pm until no one is watching.


1/25/25 SUNDAY

Bushman’s Bash Open Jam

Join us for an open Jam at Pop’s!


No Cover



2800 24th Street @ York
San Francisco, CA 94110

Lights, fog and magic with KJ Paul

I hadn’t been out to El Rio for KJ Paul Karaoke in a few months, so when I went last night my mind was blown. KJ Paul has seriously upped his game by adding in multiple wild disco lights and a fog machine, which makes singing feel way cooler than it already is. And if you’re nice to him he may even give you the remote to blast the fog freely. So fun.

Jay Reatard memories

It’s been 5 years since Jay Reatard died at 29. I made a list of Jay Reatard memories to post on Tumblr and then I realized it’s all very SF-related, so:

  • Going to a Lost Sounds show at Bottom of the Hill in ‘03 or ‘04 and being TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY
  • Listening to the original version of “Oh It’s Such a Shame” when he first put it up on MySpace and being TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY
  • Seeing him at the Knockout on his first solo tour and being bummed the set was only like 14 minutes long
  • Seeing him at Delta of Venus (in Davis) and laughing when the set was literally 10 minutes long
  • Skipping his last-minute show at 12 Galaxies in ‘08 (with openers “The Ohsees” and Ty Segall) because I had tickets to see Digitalism at Mezzanine (—‸ლ)
  • Being totally blown away by my cousin Jojo’s totally impromptu “Death Is Forming” cover
  • Crying at the end of “Better Than Something” when it premiered at the Roxie
  • Crying at the end of “Better Than Something” when the Roxie brought it back a year later

Who the fuck is Digitalism, am I right? Anyway, long live Jay. Here are a few more links and a video:

Here is a Mission Mission post announcing the semi-secret 12 Galaxies show in ’08.

Here is the short obituary I wrote in ’10.

And here is the story of the making of the “Better Than Something” poster my pal Al Pal made for the Roxie. (And if you haven’t seen the movie, see the movie!)

And how about some video of Jay rocking the Knockout? It’s really dark and the sound sucks, but, that’s basically what it was like seeing him at the Knockout:

[Epic photo of Jay performing at the Hemlock by Jake Thomas]

Go see Chain and the Gang at Make-Out Room!

Chain and the Gang is the latest project from Ian Svenonious, a true rock ‘n’ roll legend. And they’re playing at a little local club right here in the Mission. Check it OUT!

Here are a couple of my favorite jams by them:

RSVP and invite your gang!

Poem celebrates life in San Francisco in early 2015

Another gem by Ticklefight (author of Elbo Room Rap and Muni Rap):

New Year Rap Up
The year is here, my check just cleared
Cook my burger, make sure it’s seared
I like my Vienna wieners with catsup packets
Went to Thrift Town got 5 new jackets
The streets are ruff, the ladies are tuff
4 a.m. poker, don’t call my bluff
Stroll down Bayshore get some Jack
The Box is hoppin, tacos 2 to the pack
All in all the triple five is alive
My ponytail is loose and I gotta hot wive


[Photo of Lou Reed jacket at Thrift Town by Mission Mission]

Did you know music superstar Jolie Holland is in the middle of a weeklong residency at a small club on Valencia right now?

Now you know. Apparently the first night sold out, but the others have not. Tickets here.


I’ve seen a lot of Weezer shows over the years:

  1. Opening for No Doubt at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, 1996.
  2. Headlining the Crest Theater in Sacramento, 1999, after a couple years of hiatus following Pinkerton but before the Green Album hit.
  3. The big pre-Green Album tour stop at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 2000, right before the Green Album hit.
  4. September 12, 2001, at the Oakland Arena. The Cal marching band played Weezer hits during the break between bands.
  5. November 2014 at Slim’s. They played an acoustic set of classics before turning off the lights and ripping into their latest album in its entirety.

All the shows were great, particularly that most recent one (pictured). Seeing them up close and personal, playing new shit they were all really excited about was a gas. Up until then, the most intimate, fiercest Weezer shows I’d seen were not performed by Weezer at all, but by a band called My Name Is Jonas Brothers at various Debaser Christmas parties at the Knockout. I’m pretty sure they just stick to Blue Album and Pinkerton, and they rip! And they’re doing it again this weekend. Here’s the info:

DJs Jamie Jams and Emdee return with an extra helping of Weezer to get you in the mood for the holidays.

It’s like your favorite compilation of Spike Jonze videos or that one tour with That Dog!

Special guests “My Name is Jonas Brothers” play all the Weezer classics, so come early.

$5, Free w/ your worst holiday sweater before 11 pm.

RSVP and invite your friends!

[Photo of Weezer at Slim's by Kat]

A song for Uber

It’s World Series-themed, so we’re posting it a little tardily, but oh well:

The pipes on these two!

A magical night with Angel Olsen

Last night I had the privilege to catch Angel Olsen‘s sold out solo show at The Chapel. I have been following her music for a while, and while her most recent album Burn Your Fire For No Witness leans more towards being a rock album with a full band (and it’s really good), her slower acoustic songs have always been my favorite, and this concert was solely those songs and possibly solo versions of new songs, too. The most enchanting part of Angel Olsen’s music is her shockingly booming and haunting voice, and you get to hear it in its full glory when it’s just her and her guitar. She sat there quite still, strumming and singing, and these explosive waves of song would sneak out of her. Props to the Chapel also for creating the beautiful, magical lighting that went with the music so perfectly. A lovely, rainy Tuesday night…