A song for Uber

It’s World Series-themed, so we’re posting it a little tardily, but oh well:

The pipes on these two!

A magical night with Angel Olsen

Last night I had the privilege to catch Angel Olsen‘s sold out solo show at The Chapel. I have been following her music for a while, and while her most recent album Burn Your Fire For No Witness leans more towards being a rock album with a full band (and it’s really good), her slower acoustic songs have always been my favorite, and this concert was solely those songs and possibly solo versions of new songs, too. The most enchanting part of Angel Olsen’s music is her shockingly booming and haunting voice, and you get to hear it in its full glory when it’s just her and her guitar. She sat there quite still, strumming and singing, and these explosive waves of song would sneak out of her. Props to the Chapel also for creating the beautiful, magical lighting that went with the music so perfectly. A lovely, rainy Tuesday night…

An album about living in the Mission from 2003 to 2013 and then moving to Oakland

Jason from local band Maus Haus wrote in to tell us about a new solo project:

i just finished a “solo” album of sorts, called Rent Control, essentially documenting my life in the mission district circa 2013 (when i wrote all the songs), shortly before relocating to west oakland.

i lived on harrison and 24th from 2003 to 2013, from age 21 to 31, and saw the neighborhood change drastically.

the record goes on personal tangents, but there are definitely some subjects of interest that your readers can relate to:

track 2 “retro city” kind of takes a look at the reinvented garage rock bandwagoneer

track 5 “life on the other side” daydreams about moving to oakland, albeit with fear

track 6 “ice cream” is about how resentful my friends and i were that humphrey slocombe moved in, bringing all these lame-os, but then we ourselves can’t resist the treats either

track 7 “in jets” quite literally tells the story of the neighborhood changing overnight, millionaires moving in, without you even realizing it, and then it’s too late.

track 8 “reasons” is an ironic spoken word meets guitar noise tirade against the new neighbors

Let’s listen:

UPDATE: They’re playing a show this weekend in the Mission! Here’s the deal…

This Sunday November 23:
J. Kick & Rent Control

(plus 3 secret bands)
AMNESIA (Valencia @ 20th)
7pm doors

Latin song birds at The Addition this Sunday

This Sunday night, San Francisco’s own Diana Gameros will be opening for Argentine singer-songwriter Sofia Rei at The Addition (formerly Yoshi’s SF, located at 1330 Fillmore St). These two extremely talented Latin vocalists on one night is going to be such a treat for lovers of beautiful songwriting, passionate vocals and intricate arrangements that blend everything from jazz to folk to traditional Latin music. Originally from Juarez, Mexico, Diana Gameros delightfully mixes her musical heritage with a fresh, whimsical indie infusion, that’s just so darn beautiful to listen to. Gameros also just received the 2014 Emerging Leader Award from the Chicana/Latina Foundation for her music and activism. She is truly an artist worth supporting.

You can listen to Diana’s full length album, Eterno Retorno, on her bandcamp.

So come on out, here are the details:

Show: Sofia Rei plus Diana Gameros

When: Sunday, Nov 16, 7pm (doors at 6pm)

Where: The Addition, 1330 Fillmore St., SF (formerly Yoshi’s SF)

Get Tickets: HERE!


Newly unearthed super-8 film footage by legendary SF band Jawbreaker shows us around the Mission in 1992, makes me emotional

Just got back from a fight with one of my best friends. We went to dinner at Chino and then had a drink at ABV and got into a long thing about political participation and net neutrality and revolution and convictions. He told me I don’t give enough of a shit, I made fun of his corporate job and BMW.

Then I got home and opened an email from Adam, of Jawbreaker (the most legendary Mission-based band of all time):

I just uploaded this to the Jawbreaker youtube page. It’s from a roll of super 8 film that i found over 20 years after I shot it — shots of Valencia and Mission between 16th and 24th. I set it to our song “Boxcar.” Check it and feel free to post if the spirit moves you

Man, it moves me like crazy. I love the Mission. I love how it changes. I love remembering how it was one decade ago, and I love watching videos about how it was two decades ago. I love reading articles about how it was in the ’80s, and I love my parents’ foggy remembrances about how it was in the ’70s. I love Burrito Justice’s futurist visions of how it will be in the ’20s and in the ’30s and ’40s and beyond. (I even love when I almost get run over by a Ferrari while it’s looking for parking outside Trick Dog.)

I love Obama and I love net neutrality and I love the Mission and I love my friends.

And I love a girl I know, a Mission girl, and how I got to see her sing “Boxcar” at karaoke in another state once upon a time, and how that was basically the best night of my life, so far away from home but feeling super-connected via this girl and this song… and thus feeling connected to everything and everyone, ever, and just loving life.

The thing is that I basically missed out on Jawbreaker, like most of us did probably, because we’re just a little too young or a just a little too from-somewhere-else or whatever. But Jawbreaker persisted, thanks to older pals talkin’ shit and making mixtapes and blog posts and playlists, and thanks to Thorns of Life shows at Thrillhouse Records and thanks to Forgetters shows at similar spots in Brooklyn or wherever — and thanks to lovable midwestern girls who dug Jawbreaker early and did whatever it took to make their way to California and San Francisco and into our hearts.

Why can’t we all just get along and save the world and abolish government and be in love forever?

Ugh. Let’s rock:

Thanks, Adam!

What were Johnny Cash’s last words?

Let’s rock:

[Photo by Nicole, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Hiss Golden Messenger tomorrow at The Independent

There’s something comforting to me about a raspy-voiced man singing his heart out, and telling us small secrets of his life through his crackling words. It reminds me a lot of the hours I’ve spent driving long distances, and exploring strange rural places, and a feeling of bittersweet happiness. Hiss Golden Messenger are a folk-country-rock group from Durham, North Carolina fronted by M.C. Taylor, and listening to their songs evokes that feeling in me, even in my city apartment. Touring after releasing their latest album, Lateness of Dancers (Merge), they’ll be at the Independent tomorrow night, with opener Phil Cook of Megafaun.

Watch Hiss Golden Messenger’s video for “Mahogany Dread”

You can get your tickets here!

The Blind Shake are playing tonight

Here’s what it’ll be like:

The show is at Hemlock around 9ish. RSVP and invite your friends!

And perhaps play around with this online mosh pit simulator to get in the mood.

Trio of Andrew W.K.’s singing PARTY HARD


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Fun New Find: Girlpool

While perusing the CMJ best-of lists from the past week, I discovered this fun duo from LA. They’re called Girlpool and they play cool songs filled with constant harmonies and straight-forward lyrics. Looks like they played Brick and Mortar earlier in October, so hopefully they’ll be back soon. They’re also releasing an EP on Nov 18. For now, you can hear two of their songs on their bandcamp page from their split with Philly/LA-based Slutever.