Fun New Find: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

In a shady nook at the Porch Stage (the best stage) this weekend at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass fest, I was impressed by a soulful rock band from Detroit called Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, who were perfectly described as “think Gwen Stefani meets Amy Winehouse” (thanks Ty). She had all the 90s fashion spunk of Gwen, and the sexy dark retro vibe of Amy, and a powerful voice and dance moves to match it. Behind Jessica was a band of young guys, including a trombonist, playing upbeat and highly danceable music. The crowd went wild for them, and they even made an older drunk couple grind erotically. FUN!

Listen to them here.

Another highly honorable mention of the day was 21-year-old Oklahoma native Parker Millsap, who played soulful, crooning ballads that were brought to energetic life with his honky tonky band and his rockabilly moves. Check him out!

DJ Purple jamming live on stage with ‘LCD Soundsystem’

He managed to mix a little “Careless Whisper” into “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House.” An epic surprise at an all-around epic final LCD show by North American Scum. (But they’ll be back soon with a Talking Heads show.)

[via Simon]

LCD Soundsystem cover band playing its final show as LCD Soundsystem this Saturday at El Rio

If you’re anything like me, when you heard the news LCD Soundsystem was splitting up and playing one big final show at Madison Square Garden, you immediately booked a trip to New York and sat on Stubhub for hours trying to get tickets. And hopefully, like me, you didn’t fall prey to scalpers and instead got tickets to a couple of the much more intimate second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-to-last shows at Terminal 5. And then you had an awesome time seeing the band perform at its bittersweet peak.

And then, if you’re still like me, you were waaaaay stoked to learn there was an LCD Soundsystem cover band operating in SF, and even stokeder to learn that they were actually really good. And finally, if you’re like me, you got to relive the bummer all over again when North American Scum announced their final show, which is this weekend in the Mission.

But, they’re still awesome, and El Rio is a helluva lot more intimate than MSG or Terminal 5. Let’s party! Advance tickets are apparently going fast, and it’s kind of a small room, so get yours (only $8) here!

When startups go TOO far


Some words are just too sacred, and mean so much to so many people, that they shouldn’t have to undergo the indignity of being appropriated in order to woo the fortunes of some narcissistic VC. As our pal Eric put it:

Seriously?!? Can’t they just call it kloosh or something? Jesus Christ.

If someone ever tries to raise seed money for a startup called Dune, I’m going to go all Muad’Dib on their asses.


Tomorrow is the Bay Area Record Fair at Thee Parkside – Should be fun!

Psychedelia holds reign at The Fillmore

I’m going to tell you a secret: last night was my first time ever going to The Fillmore.

And seeing English psych-rock band Temples, with opening band Wampire (Portland), seemed quite appropriate, as the groovy light/bubble show oozed behind the stage. The only thing is that it made me wish I was 1) on drugs, and 2) actually seeing one of the many original bands that Temples’ sound replicates (Byrds, The Doors, etc).  Something about the whole experience seemed like a 60s Psychedelic Rock Revue. Once I got over that, it was a good time.

Things I was told to be excited about at the Fillmore:

a) Bucket of Apples to eat – Check!

b) Poster Room – Check!


‘Tonic Nights’ by Cocktails

Cocktails is a band. “Tonic Nights” is an unreleased song from the sessions from their debut album, released earlier this summer:

Three songs I heard in the Mission last week

I shazammed all of these while bopping around the neighborhood drunk and/or stoned last week. (Those are pretty much the only times I use Shazam.) They are all awesome, even sober:

Fun New Find: Yassou Benedict

I am definitely not the first person to notice this exciting Bay Area based pop-rock band, but I stumbled into the last three songs of Yassou Benedict’s show last night at Bottom of the Hill, and holy crap! They are good. They look good. But really they blew me away with a mere glimpse of their live show. They reminded me of a harder version of the XX, with a heavier post-rock sound and energy. I’m glad they moved here from Upstate New York, so we can call them our own, and hopefully catch the next show in its entirety very soon.

Throwback Thursday: Here’s an entire live set by the Fucking Champs at 12 Galaxies, 2005

The other day I was reminiscing with my buddy Jay Beaman about what it was like to see the Fucking Champs at 12 Galaxies right here in the Mission.

The Fucking Champs were sort of a metal band for non-metal-heads I guess? One serious metal fan laughed at me when I said I was a fan, explaining that the Champs were “hipster metal.” I was like, wellllll whatever you want to call it I fucking loooove it.

12 Galaxies was a gloriously scuzzy rock club in the spot on Mission near 22nd that is now called Balançoire. During the early-to-mid ’00s they booked seemingly every band I cared about, and they had cool wraparound mezzanine. It was probably the first place during my tenure in the Mission whose closure hit me really hard (other than KFC).

I was telling Jay that one of my favorite memories was during the period where Bender’s was closed and in limbo after being firebombed. Johnny Davis from Bender’s, one of my all-time favorite bartenders, had picked up a shift or two at Doc’s Clock (right next door to 12 Galaxies) and so I’d walk over there early, buy a drink from Johnny, go see a band, pop back over and buy a shot from Johnny, go back and see the next band, go back and do another shot, etc. etc. until last call. Gooooood times.

I’m pretty sure this was one of those nights: