What’s it like to race up to Twin Peaks and back on a fixed-gear bicycle with $500 on the line?

Have a look:

Thanks to Mother Nature for such a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and thanks to Storts for taking us on such an epic ride.

39 Responses to “What’s it like to race up to Twin Peaks and back on a fixed-gear bicycle with $500 on the line?”

  1. SCUM says:

    I wonder how many laws they broke doing this. And how many people they almost hit.

    • They were all just hanging out all over and across 14th Street, blocking other legal traffic and running the stop signs (both up and downhill) at Sanchez (and, as shown here, Castro).

      Getting around is one thing, but isn’t “playing in traffic” exactly what your mother said was SUPPOSED to kill you?

    • thanks says:

      with a keen eye you can watch the video for yourself and see that they don’t hit or come close to hitting anyone. thanks for playing.

  2. Damn True says:

    Cyclist here; Not particularly bright behavior for a community desperate for consideration in traffic issues. Nobody remembers the polite, considerate & law abiding cyclist, they never forget the jerkoff that cut them off on the way home from Whole Foods.

  3. Damn True says:

    …..That Giant OCR comes in fixie?

  4. canada says:

    wow. california you make me sort of jealous.

  5. Uwe and Cecilia says:

    I’m slackjawed at all the traffic rules broken in this thing. It makes me sad he’s not in a hospital or locked up.

  6. You're welcome Kali says:

    Smug Kalifornians violating traffic laws, blocking intersections, cutting off vehicles and people. I’m sure those same people are full of self righteousness. You’re welcome for all the federal tax dollars propping up your bankrupt state.

  7. Me says:

    Who won?

  8. bike hate says:

    what a bunch of dicks. blowing stops signs. busting lights. pushing right of way. ignoring laws to keep momentum. remind me why drivers should share the road with bikes?

  9. YourMom says:

    Great… So now some road raged motorist is going to run me down on my commute home because all these assholes give normal, law abiding, mellow cyclist a bad name. Thanks a lot hipster douchebags.

  10. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    They should totally ditch the fixies and get real bikes.

    • ciao says:

      so did someone finally teach you the difference between a fixie and a freewheel?

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        I stand by my definition as being correct.

        HOWEVER, I have to come to realize that I am in a very distinct minority in that regard.

    • sw8f ixay says:

      lol.. most of us would probably still drop you on our sw8f ixayz.

  11. piquancy says:

    What was this for? Who was it run by?

  12. ciao says:

    it’s obviously a stunt, you can see people blocking traffic for them and an bunch of spectators. people using this video to condemn the actions of all cyclists is a good example of why the internet is funny.

  13. Nipsey Hustle says:

    When did SF get taken over by milktoast nimbys who complain because some OG FNs still have heart and like danger? Bikes and graff. A lot of MM posters want to live in beige world with guardrails and warning signs -looks like. Critical mass does suck hard though: Arrogant non-lifer commuter hippies.

    • johnny says:

      i am confuse.

    • The Problem with Larry says:

      Oh Nipsey, you poet. Is your mother doing your laundry for you? Revolt!

      • Nipsey Hustle says:

        I am a lot older, smarter, stronger and more handsome than you. Keep trying, I’ll have you clowning yourself within 3 comments.

        Cheaaaa boyeeeee!

  14. breausephus says:

    for realzies, y’all. relaaaaxxx!

  15. JJ san says:

    OK, here is some *law-abiding* extreme cycling mega-action on Twin Peaks: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmania/5500455218/


    Also, what’s with a bunch of jerks from outta town hating on cycling? I mean, I’m not an advocate for law breaking, but seriously, aren’t there bigger law breaking things going on in SF that we can complain about?

    • thanks says:

      seriously, people are getting shot and fucking kidnapped in this neighborhood. but condo dwellers are afraid to pick on the tough guys, so they opted to declare war against the most innocuous group they could find: cyclists. vegetarians and vegans are also fair targets with this crowd.

      • SCUM says:

        Don’t forget taggers, hipsters, people from the Marina, foodies, DP scenesters. And how many fucking condo owners do you think comment here?

  17. Nipsey Hustle says:

    All their TICs are upside down-they need to vent. Just like bitter, closet-rascist, Limbaugh fans.

  18. Jj san says:

    Wait they didn’t even go all the way to the top!

  19. hhmm says:

    yeah dude went to the top but ran up the trail and came back down.. but for all you negative nancys you should stock up on your cheese because your whining waaaaay too much! Let the kids have their fun in the streets and you can mess up your depends and watch your fox news

  20. Mission Bitchsters? says:

    What a bunch of fuckin’ crybabies. None of you were there. This race was such a big deal that it took you all 2 days to realize it even happened so you could bitch about it. Nothing to see here. Go back to being wannabe johnny law miserable fucks. What a bunch of Mission Bitchsters.