Twin Peaks Buttons

Jen Oaks will have these beauties and more for sale at her SF Zinefest booth this weekend.


Jen Oaks’ Beater

Jen Oaks’ Kitty Tattoo

What Do You Wear When You Take Out the Recycling?

8 Responses to “Twin Peaks Buttons”

  1. meave says:

    Everyone should buy Jen’s art!

  2. in like the buttons, so how can Mr Miller get some??

  3. anna says:

    holy shit. those rule.

  4. jen oaks says:

    ha! i had no idea you’d blogged anything of mine after the recycling one. thanks!

    these will of course be in my etsy shop by tuesday or so.

  5. jen oaks says:

    hello friends. these are now up in my shop!

    thanks for the press. :)