Popeye’s being demolished

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RIP :(

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And now, a look back at all our Popeye’s-related posts over the years…

Strawberry Beret Milkshake and New Mexico Green Chile and Goat Cheese Burger: New stuff at WesBurger this week

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Here’s the description of this one:

New milkshake on the menu, The Strawberry Beret. Buttermilk, vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberry purée, and lo-fi gentian amaro, and love.

And of the burger:

New Mexico Green Chile and Goat Cheese, with crispy shoestring fries and garlic mayo.

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Get yourself to WesBurger n’ More already!

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These AWESOME sandwiches I had at Clare’s Deli today

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In the foreground is the “Purple Rain,” which features a really nice helping of smashed blackberries. It’s the best use of fruit on a sandwich since the ham and banana sandwich at Cafe St. Jorge.

In the background is the “Island,” which has some shrimps and some slaw and this AMAZING kinda-hot-kinda-sweet sauce.

They were both on today’s specials board, so I’m not sure how long they’ll be around, but Clare’s Deli is doing lots of great stuff lately, so do check it out.

Wow look at this bagel from the new Wise Sons bagel place on Fillmore

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Kimcheeseburger (with bulgogi bacon) for 420

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Only at WesBurger n’ More!

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420 Burger

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Okay it’s not actually called “420 Burger,” but it may as well be:

Happy April 20th Meat Lovers! Don’t forget to grab a six pack on your way to the park today. We’re also dishing up the beloved “Big Mac” to satisfy any cravings you may have throughout the course of the day. This masterpiece consists of a double Best Damn Cheeseburger with a Frankaroni wedged in between! Woah.

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And don’t forget about these other special 420 eats…

Introducing 420 Toast

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Local chef Gareth Spor shares his special recipe:

Earth balance olive oil spread, cashew butter and pistachio butter on daves killer bread. All courtesy of @rainbow_grocery


Now please enjoy all these old toast posts…

Introducing the 420 Burrito

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Now please enjoy this list of very important past burrito posts…

Top 5 Mission meals under $10

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Waiter, there’s a butt in my cappuccino

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