Wise Sons closed this week; returning soon with ‘a more enjoyable guest experience’

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Wise Sons explains:

After almost 5 years in business, serving the Mission District 7 days a week, the restaurant is in need of a spiff. Although most of the improvements will be behind the scenes, upon re-opening the 24th Street Deli will be able to provide a more enjoyable guest experience with updated outdoor seating and slight changes to the main dining room. In addition to the cosmetic changes to the space, the deli will reopen with some new menu items, drinks specials and some shifts in management – more on that later!

They should be open again in “about a week.”

The Fourth of July, WesBurger style

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That’s a special “Red, White and Blue” burger (with blue cheese, red peppers and fried white onions), and down here are fried Katz’s full sour pickle pickle spears (with farm dressing), damn. All weekend long.

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Mission street food


Looks like peanut butter on a English muffin? Looks pretty enticing for a hunk of garbage on the street, right? I allllmost took a bite.

(Thanks, Alex!)

More cheap eatz in the Mission

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Cheap eatz in the Mission

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Wow look at the menu for this special Katz’s Deli/Mission Cantina/Tartine event at Mission Chinese on Friday that’s already sold out

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Now please enjoy this beautiful slo-mo video of me eating a fully loaded nacho at Mission Cantina ;)

Look at this cool Alf card I got at St. Francis Fountain


I was eating my cheeseburger last night after the game (because St. Francis is now open for dinner Friday-Sunday) when our server delivered a pack of Alf cards sent to us by a neighboring table. I really like this particular card.

(Thanks, Michael Connolly and friends!)

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Found an old receipt from Chino (RIP)

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Those wings! Those were the days.

Now please reminisce over all our previous Chino coverage…

Firefly Restaurant’s legendary fried chicken available to go, tonight only!


They did this last Wednesday for Game 3 too and it was awesome! Highly recommended! (Firefly is in Noe Valley, up 24th Street aways from the Mission, so maybe get some friends who live up there to shuttle down to a bar for you or something? That’s what I did last week.)

Here’s the deal:

Firefly’s legendary fried chicken dinner available TOGO for ‪#‎Warriors‬ game 5 Monday. Comes with 2 pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, horseradish slaw and a buttermilk biscuit (or cornbread)! $20 bucks a person, multiple order discounts available. Strength in numbers! Place your order anytime after noon for pickup after 5pm. 415-821-7652 ‪#‎glutenfree‬

[via Firefly on Facebook]

St. Francis Fountain is open for dinner again!!!


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My wish came true! Let’s all be sure to eat dinner there a lot and maybe they can expand to more than just Friday-Sunday, am I right?

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