Top 5 Mission meals under $10

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Waiter, there’s a butt in my cappuccino

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Wow check out the sizzlin’ hot wings at Zante Pizza

Dude, $3 San Miguels and free garlic peanuts at FOB Kitchen’s happy hour

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What’s going on at Boogaloos?

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Oh I see.

Something new is happening at Casa Sanchez

Here’s all we know so far:


I wonder if having one of those coveted Casa Sanchez tattoos will do you any good.

(Thanks, Jess!)

Feel like some Bourbon Brown Sugar or Raspberry Campari ice cream?

Got a note this morning from Grant from Sugar Bear Ice Cream, a new popup that’s popping up this weekend in the Mission:

This Saturday night we’re bringing two cocktail inspired flavors, Bourbon Brown Sugar and Raspberry Campari, as well as our herbaceous and delightfully surprising Basil ice cream and our rich and warming Mexican Chocolate.

I’d love for you to join us at Mateo’s Taqueria on Mission St and 21st from 6 to 10pm on Saturday and give our flavors a try.

Here are some tantalizing photos of their work:




EXCLUSIVE WESBURGER NEWS: Special “Mission Burger” this week only, w/ LENGUA BACON if u want it

I’m sure by now everyone knows, WesBurger n’ More has been kinda open for a couple weeks, and it’s awesome, and the space is awesome, and the Cauliflower Wedge is a surprise hit… but what you don’t know is, as of tomorrow’s grand opening, there will be a very special burger on the menu for grand opening week only: The Mission Burger.

Here’s Wes putting the finishing touches on a test batch earlier this afternoon:


What’s all on ‘em? Here’s what:

  • refried beans
  • verde salsa
  • cilantro and pickled jalapeno crema
  • shredded lettuce
  • smashed avocado
  • jack

And optionally (and most importantly):


Full disclosure: Wes is a pal, and he asked me to consult on what exactly a “Mission” burger should be, and I was like, “It should probably be kind of like a lengua super burrito from Cancun at 2:30am.” We both pondered for a second how to implement the lengua part, and simultaneously blurted out, “LENGUA BACON.” (Because, as the old saying goes, great minds think similarly when it comes to matters of lengua.)

Anyway, the lengua bacon is so fucking good. Start lining up now. Grand opening is tomorrow.

Here’s me tucking in:


And here’s a much more pro photo of the thing, on Wes’s computer:


And here’s the lengua bacon in action (be sure to push play):

Sizzlin' lengua bacon 👅👅👅👅👅

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Keep up the good work, Wes! Thanks for lunch!

✨Magic Toast✨

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.41.27 AM

Yummmmm. Homemade by our pal Gareth Spor using pistachio butter, hazelnut butter, cashew butter and blackberry jam, all from Mission institution Rainbow Grocery.


Now please enjoy all these other toast posts…

Look at this sandwich


Roast pork, smoked ham, roasted pineapple, pickled onion, jalapeno, lime mayonnaise.

Today’s special at Clare’s Deli.

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