Check out this cool McDonald’s ad

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CRAB LOUIE TOAST tonight only at Black Sands Brewery

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Old San Francisco and New San Francisco mashed up into one beautiful dish. Chef Eric is a GENIUS.

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Now please enjoy this list of past toast posts…

If I eat an entire Tartine banana cream tart for lunch, what local specialty should I have for dinner to balance it out?

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I’m halfway through and thinking about going all the way. Good idea?

The Perennial preview dinner this Sunday night

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The Perennial is the forthcoming new restaurant concept from Chris Kiyuna and Anthony Myint and the Mission Street Food/Mission Chinese Food team. Here’s what we had to say about it when they first launched their Kickstarter about a year ago:

Anthony’s done tons for the Mission. From those wild-west early days at Mission Street Food, to the worldwide phenomenon that is Mission Chinese Food, and of course the advent of the Mission Burger — he’s been there for all of it. (And all of his projects are constantly raising money for local charities.)

Now’s a chance to give back. He’s opening a new restaurant called the Perennial in the Mid-Market area, with an aim toward completely reinventing the way restaurants source their stuff and expend energy. It’s gonna be greener than green. It could change the world, solve climate change. But they need a little help getting started. [link]

Now it’s a year later and they’re much closer to opening, but first they’re doing a little popup preview dinner at Rintaro here in the Mission on Sunday night. Here’s the menu:

“Chips and Dips”
vegetable crisps, crème fraiche, avocado, formanova beets, egg ‘caviar’

Pumpkin Seed Bisque
kuri squash, preserved sudachi, sesame

Potato Confit and Clam Bagna Cauda
carola and fingerling potatoes, savory clams, home-grown radishes, fennel

Seared Trout
marrow and mussels broth, ice lettuce, trout mousse, parsnip

Concord Grape Sorbet
meyer lemon, tarragon

Apple Mille Feuille
popcorn, hazelnut, brown butter [link]

Get tickets here!

How to put cheese on your slice

How to put cheese on your slice

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Drink of the Week: Ferrari shots

Half Fernet, half Campari. All good.

WesBurger is coming to the Mission, permanently!

No more trekking up to Divis to get your fix! “WesBurger n’ More,” it’s officially gonna be called, is gonna be a permanent restaurant right here in the neighborhood. Inside Scoop has the inside scoop:

In 2013, the novice chef entered the San Francisco Burger Brawl, where he competed against local professional chefs and restaurants — and won.

Since then, he’s been holding weekly WesBurger pop-ups each Wednesday at Mojo Bicycle Café on Divasadero — starring his signature coarsely ground, all-brisket patties that are cooked in a cast iron skillet, which Rowe says makes for a light and tender patty that’s nicely charred on the outside and pink on the inside.


Now he’s making the leap from pop-up to brick-and-mortar operation with WesBurger n’ More, which will be housed in the former Palacio Latino space on Mission Street, located next door to another pop-up turned permanent: Mission Chinese Food.

Can’t wait! “Early 2016″ they’re saying. Read on for more WesBurger history and some talk about what’ll be on the menu.

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Shegetz Bagel is back!

Here are my two main points:

  1. These bagels are legit. I don’t know how New York people feel about them, but they are hella good bagels.
  2. The scene at the popup wasn’t too much of a shitshow. I guess there was a line right at 10am when they opened, but by 11am when I got there, it was super chill. Got a table right away, quick and friendly service, and not too long a wait for food (and drink). To be fair, they did start running out of stuff I wanted (the fancy cream cheese and the smoked fish) pretty early, but they still had plenty of bagels, and they predict they won’t have that problem this time around.

This weekend’s popup is at PizzaHacker on Sunday morning, 10am.

Look at these photos and tell me you don’t want a bagel right now:

Follow Shegetz Bagels on Twitter or on Instagram for updates and more mouth-watering photography.

These bagels are fucking legit.

My favorite part of my Chinese Burrito review, reiterated using Typatone

My review of Danny Bowien’s new Chinese Burrito is a pretty good read, but this brief excerpt is pretty key:

(They’d been talking about maybe doing it without cheese.)

Oh and here’s a great new photo of the beast, by food writer Omar Mamoon:

Lamb adobo at FOB Kitchen

Just look at it:

FOB Kitchen (recently named “Best restaurant in the Mission“) currently pops up every Wednesday evening at Gashead Tavern on Mission Street.