Purple People Eater

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Stop in Pops for the brand new “Purple Drink”, just $7 all day, everyday.  With Taaka Gin, Violette, and Ice it’s the a grape soda lovers dream come true.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Epic kinda-Hawaiian sandwich at Turner’s Kitchen

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[via Turner's Kitchen on Instagram]

Good-lookin’ toast at Cafe St. Jorge

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[via hrp]

Now please enjoy Helen Tseng’s reasons to love Cafe St. Jorge from 2015

Passover Seder festivities on 24th Street next week

Here in the Mission there’s Wise Sons of course. Here’s their special menu:

Charoset (sweet, dark-colored paste made of fruits and nuts eaten)
Chopped Liver, & Matzo
House Made Gefilte Fish with Chrain Bitter Green Salad
Matzo Ball Soup
Red Wine Braised Brisket with Potato Kugel
Tzimmis Chocolate
Matzo & Coconut Macaroons
Coffee & Tea
(Vegetarian options Available with Prior Notification)

Dinners are April 10, 11 and 12; tickets are $95, available here.

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And then you can also venture up the hill into Noe Valley for the feast at Firefly. Here’s what to expect:

Firefly will be serving our full passover menu from April 10th to the 19th which will include braised brisket, homemade gefilte fish, chopped chicken livers, matzo ball soup and other delicacies inspired by the holiday and the bounties of California.

Firefly’s a little further from home I know, but always worth the trip. Regular ol’ reservations taken here.

Happy holidays!

Beef bacon

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Only at Turner’s Kitchen on 17th Street.


How to make La Taqueria’s green salsa

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Local writer Omar Mamoon got the scoop and put it in Esquire Magazine. Check it out.

Life is better with bacon


When your bar opens at the wee hour of 6am, one thing better be on point: a killer Bloody Mary. Pops Bar is proud to serve up a Bacon Bloody Mary for those of you seeking the ultimate hair of the dog remedy or to simply kick off your brunch with a nice buzz.  Last year Pops Bar was voted Best Bloody Mary in SFWEEKLY’s Best of San Francisco.

Consider voting for Pops Bacon Bloody Mary again in the Best Bloody Mary category so we can keep our title!  VOTE NOW:


This week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Big news on 24th Street — Rocko’s Tacos opens this weekend inside Discolandia!

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UPDATE: This event now starts at 6pm due to “unforseen developments,” don’t be late!

Not a whole lot of info yet, but our boy Rocky (of Rocky’s Frybread fame) is doing something new and he’s calling it Rocko’s Tacos, and there’s a grand opening party this Saturday!!! Here’s everything we know:


Oh and we also heard something about “PUNK GUAC” can’t wait!!!!

[Photo by Google Maps]

After all these years, perennial popup Rice Paper Scissors is finally opening its own restaurant — in the Mission!!!!!!


It’s on the corner of 22nd and Folsom! So close to home! Here’s the plan:

We want to open a casual neighborhood restaurant that brings the look, feel and food of Saigon to San Francisco. Think bright colors, tropical plants, pyramids of fresh fruit and playful plateware! We want it to feel cozy yet as if you’ve just stepped into another country. After all, vacation is a state of mind.

How about hours?

We’ll be open for lunch, brunch and dinner.

And the menu?

The menu will feature noodle soups and rice plates that keep you warm on those cold San Francisco nights, plus street food and dim sum bites.


…Bun Bo Hue (spicy lemongrass beef noodle soup), Chicken Pho, Pork Garlic Noodles, Fried Egg Sandwiches, Yellow Curry with Udon Noodles, and Handmade Lamb Dumplings. We’ll continue to make everything from scratch, like our shrimp chips and oyster sauce, to offer Vietnamese food that is soulful and exciting.

Will there be booze???

And of course, beer and wine to enjoy it with!

Yesssssssssssss! Okay everything sounds perfect. Here’s another photo:


The place is totally bare bones at the moment, so they’ve got a lot of work to do, and there’s a Kickstarter campaign with some killer rewards if you’d like to help them out!

Congrats, RPS!

[Photos by Andria Lo]

Kinda-secret, kinda-tiki bar temporarily in the Mission


Don’t wanna show or tell too much because the mystery part is a big part of the fun, but the drinks were epic and the food was great too.

The place is called Flip Flop for now, but it’ll be different in a couple months. It’s part of a larger concept called Over Proof, and to find it you gotta go into ABV and up a staircase in the back, and to get in you need to have a reservation.


[Photos by Wes Rowe]