Look at this ‘chicken crunchy wrap’ by Mission Cantina and Momofuku

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Final reminder: Guac-Off is tomorrow!

By all accounts, it’s gonna be the best one ever. Don’t miss out.

Sunflower has reopened!

It was almost exactly a year ago that we asked “What the fuck is happening with Sunflower?” But now they’re back in action…

Here’s the Wild SF Walking Tours crew eating there RIGHT NOW:

Thanks for the heads-up, you guys!!

Boogaloo’s may close soon

Eater SF talked to general manager Peter Hood on Friday:

According to Hood, the reason for vacating Boogaloo’s primo location is indeed due to their newly raised, “whacked out Valencia Street rent,” which the business wasn’t willing to pay. And while Hood confirms that the search for a tenant is on starting in September, he says “We want to stay as long as we can for our employees. Our main concern is keeping our current staff employed and helping them find new jobs.” Since the restaurant is just now hitting the market (with its whacked out rent), that means it could be a while. Either way Boogaloo’s will have 30 days notice, which means there will be time to snag a last “Temple ‘O Spuds.” And, says Hood, he’s “open to relocating,” if a reasonable rent still exists in this town.

Read on for more info and downer details.

The lease on the St. Francis Fountain space was listed for sale on Craigslist for a while a couple months back, not sure what’s going on with that though. But I’d bet a property like Boogaloo’s, located at 22nd and Valencia, will be snapped up real quick.

Gone are the days when friends could argue St. Francis Fountain vs. Boogaloo’s year after year, never worrying that either one might ever disappear.


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Mission Cantina’s burrito rules

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Nut milk party!

It’s at Four Barrel, tonight. Here’s the deal:

Join the charismatic Christy O. of La Sombra Juice for this dairy-free workshop on making milk from almonds, coconuts, and other things that lack legs but wear shells.

Get tickets and more info here.

F.O.B. Kitchen, ‘the best restaurant in the Mission,’ starts its new every-Wednesday popup tonight!

A couple weeks ago we declared this place “the best restaurant in the Mission.” Go see for yourself.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Flower and water

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Drink of the Week: Shot of Chartreuse with a creamy root beer back

Old Bus Tavern, man. Do it.

I’m not gonna be able to walk past that place without popping in for a round of these. (And probably the cheeseburger too.)

The best restaurant in the Mission is F.O.B. Kitchen

The only trouble is that right now they’re only a restaurant in the Mission as an occasional brunch popup at Cease & Desist. (They’re also doing dinner this Wednesday night a little further out Mission Street at a great little neighborhood bar called Doctor’s Lounge.)

Anyway it’s Filipino food made with quality ingredients and a lot of good vibes, and every time I eat there it’s all I can think about for a week. (And I’ve eaten there every week for about a month or so, so it’s basically all I can think about.) (It’s the best.)

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