Rappin’ ’bout Philz

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Celebrated local poet Ticklefight (not pictured) yesterday published this gem:

Phil(’)z Rap
More and more get their thrillz from Philz
Some even say it’s addictive as pillz
Many want Philz from sea to sea
The missing apostrophe is a travesty
Get your mint danglers outta my way
Just beans and water is what I say
The 7 minute pour-over has got to go
I just want my drip style cuppa Joe

[link] [Photo by Euna]

Now please enjoy this list of raps and other fun also by Tickelfight…

Live crab from “Canada”


Eh there, guys.

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor to close forever at the end of this weekend

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Mission Local reports:

The Roosevelt Tamale Parlor on 24th Street near York posted a sign outside its door that said it would be shutting down by the end of this coming Sunday, December 6.

The owners cited “personal health issues” and the “shrinking restaurant labor pool” for the closure, saying the low supply of workers has “fueled unsustainable wage expectations,” a problem Mission Local has written about before for storefronts on Valencia Street.

“We are losing a large part of our kitchen staff, and replacing them is too expensive,” said Aaron Presbrey, one of the restaurant’s owners. “We can’t sustain the place with the current wage expectations.”

Read on for more story, plus the full text of the restaurant’s original announcement.

Now, also note that they’re planning to start marketing their salsa and gravy as retail items, so maybe follow them on Facebook if you want to keep abreast of those developments.

[Photo by Shannon]

Shegetz Bagel returns yet again, this Sunday, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT

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Look man, these bagels are THE SHIT, get with it.

(Full disclosure: I’m kind of friends with them I guess, but only enough to give them one courtesy post. This is my THIRD post about these bagels. I wouldn’t keep doing it if they weren’t SERIOUSLY THE SHIT.)

[via Shegetz Bagel on Instagram]

A dose of Dosa

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That looks pretty fucking good am I right? Here’s what our pal Omar (local cookie genius and food blogger) has to say about it:

A dose of dosa is always delicious, but the kale pakoras are kinda killin it 🔥

I mean, it all looks pretty fucking good to me. [link]

What’s the deal with Little Chihuahua?


This really long sentence by local blogger anadromy paints a bit of a picture:

The guys running it seem cool and I’m glad they’re able to charge $11-13 (wut?) for slender burritos that don’t ever fill me up (plus extra for chips!) and still be so busy that it takes damn near half an hour to prepare an order (so that if you’re on Divis and you’re really hungry and you think to yourself, “Well, I’m near that place Little Chihuahua that I’ve always found expensive and overrated but I might as well give it another try” and you wait in line for what always feels like five minutes too long and then you remember almost the instant you order and the smiling guy behind the counter says “should be about ten minutes” that he is in fact a goddamn liar and that the place is so full of people who obviously just stepped off a Google shuttle that you’re not going to get your food for long enough that you might as well have walked the extra half mile to genuinely delicious and also much less costly Mexican food on Church Street) but come on, folks.

Oh and:

We don’t really think it’s good do we?

[link] [Photo by Tamara R.]

UPDATE: According to some responses on our Facebook page, it’s good for vegetarians…

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3rd Cousin opens


In more Mission related news, a new restaurant opens up in Bernal Heights.

We were able to get a copy of the menu.


PB&J Robot


I was intrigued.


I put in my $2


I went with the Peanut Butter and Thai Chili (Mae Ploy)


The sandwich came out.


Precision Peanut Butter / Crustless Italian


Not bad for a sandwich made of peanut butter and Thai chili sauce. (fanta not included).

Here’s a video of the process:

Located in the heart of the Mission on Cortland Street in Bernal Heights, the Bistrobot resides in  Andi’s Market.

Only 10 days left to eat at Rice Paper Scissors’ Mission location

Seems like only yesterday!

Anyway, here’s what’s happening:

Friday, November 20th will be our last day at Brick & Mortar Music Hall.

We moved in here two years ago as a pop-up, and the time has come where we have to focus on find a permanent restaurant somewhere in the city.

So what’s next? We’re moving into a new kitchen, complete with a beautiful event space – so look out for more special dinners in the future! We are also using this time to hibernate and focus on finding our own brick-and-mortar space.

But you can still find us for dinner every Thursday at Mojo Bicycle Cafe. (Peep the new menu here!)

We’ll also be available for catering (so let us know if you’d like us to bring a DIY Pho Bar to the office or bring the pho rolls to your holiday party!)

They’re open for lunch every weekday! Get down there!!!


Bagels by Tartine with toppings by Russ and Daughters, coming soon to Mission Chinese Food! SAY WHAT???

One weekend only! To celebrate the release of the lovely new Mission Chinese Food Cookbook:


Here go a few more details:


Three opportunities to celebrate the release of the new Mission Chinese Food Cookbook.

Join us on the morning of 11/15 or 11/16 to get your copy of the new book, meet the authors, and find out what a Tartine bagel with Russ & Daughters toppings tastes like.

Or come on the evening of 11/16 for an outrageous banquet of brand new Mission Chinese dishes, prepared by Danny Bowien and the MCF crew.

Or, hell, why not spend the whole day with us and do both?

~ ~ ~

SUNDAY and MONDAY BRUNCH (11/15 and 11/16)

Holy cow. Come by any time between 10am and 3pm for this very special, never-before-seen collaboration.

Malted Rye Bagels by Tartine
with Smoked and Cured Fish and Spreads by Russ & Daughters
and Coffee by Linea Caffe


Whitefish & Baked Salmon Salad with Horseradish Dill Cream Cheese and Wasabi Flying Fish Roe on a Bagel

Bagel and Cream Cheese topped with succulent slices of Smoked Salmon

***Each ticket includes BOTH sandwiches, a signed cookbook (retail $35), and coffee!***

~ ~ ~


A sneak preview of the new MCF menu, cookies by Momofuku Milk Bar, and beer from Tiger Beer.

Danny Bowien and co. will be serving a special banquet of new dishes for a very limited number of guests. Try everything before everybody else gets the chance, for the very reasonable price of $85. Ticket is for a reservation to be seated at the specified time. Please specify party size and note the names of your dining companions if purchasing tickets separately.

Menu subject to change, but here are some sample dishes:












Dinner is served family style, so there is a minimum of 2 tickets per purchase. Note that parties of 2 may be asked to merge with another group of 2. Be ready to make friends!

***Each ticket includes a full-on FEAST, a signed cookbook (retail $35), and beer***

Get tickets here, baby.

UPDATE: Just be sure to be on the lookout for phone thieves and tennis superstars.