Kids say the darnedest things to Dolores Park cookie vendors

I’ve always wondered the same thing, but never had the guts to ask.

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Inside the forthcoming Hapa Ramen shop at 19th and Mission

Nice booths!

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What the fuck is happening with Sunflower?

Eater SF reports:

Sunflower, the dual-entrance Vietnamese restaurant that straddles the corner of 16th and Valencia, has long been a favorite amongst Missionites for its solid renditions of classics like garlic noodles and imperial rolls, not to mention reasonable prices that have held firm despite Valencia’s increasing gentrification. But now, Sunflower is mysteriously shuttered, with only a sign on the door reading “We are closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.” A call placed to the restaurant was answered by a voicemail box with an identical message. A staffer at Sunflower’s sister location in Potrero Hill, which remains open, refused to comment on why the Mission location was closed, or when it might reopen. [link]

[Photo by Angela Rose]

Drink of the Week: The SF Lager at Southern Pacific

It’s Anchor Steamy but kinda different. Refreshing on a hot summer day, and probably refreshing on a muggy rainy day too. Hella good.

Leftover carnitas wet burrito sandwich, a recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A leftover San Jalisco carnitas wet burrito
  • Bread
  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Cheez-Its (optional)

Here’s what a leftover San Jalisco carnitas wet burrito looks like:

First, put mayo and mustard on two slices of bread, like this:

Second, cut slices of the now-congealed burrito the way you would slices of meatloaf for a meatloaf sandwich:

Pop those suckers on the bread, along with some greens that are probably also in your leftovers container:

Put the top on, cut that baby in half, garnish with Cheez-Its, and voila, lunch:

Sidewalk seating (with food and beer) now open on formerly piss-and-barf-soaked stretch of Albion Street

I hope it’s “formerly” anyway. (I mean, it is right across from Delirium.)

Anyway, sidewalk seating rules!

[via Eater SF]

Rhea’s Cafe now serves breakfast sandwiches every day!

Yummmmmmmmm! 9-11am, and they come with a free coffee Monday-Friday!

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Royal Gate Vodka, a San Francisco original

Capp Street Crap over the weekend published an extensive Q&A with a representative of Haas Brothers, the company that makes Royal Gate Vodka, the vodka Cranky Old Mission Guy says we should rename the 16th and Mission area after. The Q&A covers A LOT of ground…

There’s history:

The Haas family is the 17th company in California history, founded in 1851. They helped to develop Wells Fargo bank, ran Levi Strauss for 150 years, lots of different enterprises. Cyrus Noble Bourbon, which the family launched in 1871 in San Francisco, continued in the pursuit of distilled spirits.

There’s sociology:

The economically not so well-to-do, that population, still continues to drink Royal Gate robustly. It’s not only the the disenfranchised minority communities in the Tenderloin; it’s working class logger communities in Mendocino and Humboldt County. It’s also the disenfranchised fisher communities along the Oregon coast and up and down the California coast. It’s not just that inner city, urban minority drinker; it also happens to be Central Valley dairy workers and Delta and bay and Northern California fishermen.

There’s economics:

There are different tax implications for, in the world of vodka, how you formulate your vodka. And if you add to your vodka flavor modifiers, you actually save money on federal taxes, a 2.5-percent savings on federal excise tax. And so, Royal Gate does what other value vodkas do which is to add citric acid, which is used for for lemon zest or lemon derived citrus note. And if you are an ultra-premium vodka you wouldn’t add that.

AND they address Cranky Old Mission Guy’s proposal. AND it’s all incredibly fascinating. Read the whole thing.

[Photo via Kute 'n' Krispy]

La Taqueria Rapture

Last night around 10:00. Seriously creepy, not a single person inside.

I guess the Burrito Bracket was a scam and Nate Silver is running a cult or something.

Guess we should have paid more attention to this FEMA disaster preparedness video. Or that SFgov earthquake preparedness site from 2008. Or the final Burritoeater review.


Bacon-wrapped hot dog guacamole, a recipe

First you have an epic night out on a Friday or Saturday, mostly in the Excelsior because who the hell wants to party in the Mission on a Friday or Saturday. (The burgers and fries at Pissed Off Pete’s are the bomb btw.) And then you crawl your way back, stopping to do another shot at Cotter’s Corner, St. Mary’s Pub, El Rio and maybe Mission Bar. And then you hit the dance floor at Last Nite for an hour. And then you buy two bacon-wrapped hot dogs, to go, on the way home. You put them in the fridge.

And in the morning you do this:

And then you pop that mess in with the avocado and take it to the Guac-Off and give it a cool name:

(A name so good it’ll win the “best name” category and a tote bag with coupons for free Wes Burgers and tickets to Thee Oh Sees at the Chapel inside.)

Here’s a closer look:

Mmmmmmmmmmm it was so good. Probably would’ve won if it weren’t competing with Michael Connolly and Rocky Yazzie.