Cuco’s, home of ‘the best burrito in the city,’ closes forever on Monday

Our own Andrew Sarkarati gave Cuco’s the “best burrito in the city” title back in 2011 (and took this delicious pic). Since then there’ve been numerous rumors of closure, culminating in a recent battle with their landlord. And the landlord won. Hoodline reports:

It’s the end of the road for Cuco’s, which will close its doors for good this coming Monday after nearly 23 years in the Lower Haight.

As we reported back in July, the Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant at 488 Haight Street was facing eviction by landlord Robert Shelton, who sought to terminate the business’s month-to-month lease without explanation.

The Campos family, which has operated Cuco’s since February of 1992, initially sought to have the eviction thrown out in court. That motion was filed by Domingo Campos on August 6th. Unfortunately for Cuco’s, the motion was officially denied on August 27th.

Get it while you can. Read on for more on the legal battle and quote from the Cuco’s family.

Dr. Teeth crew opening a pizza-focused restaurant and bar a couple doors down

It’s the spot that was for a long time Specchio and recently became Piattini. It’s big, has two levels — and a full liquor license. Inside Scoop has the scoop:

Expect more details on the new project in the coming weeks, but Ley explains that it will be different from Dr. Teeth — but a complement to both that bar and the neighborhood. In particular, Callen — who comes from a restaurant background — will be spearheading the project. The working name of the new concept is the Buffalo Club.

The plan, according to Devito, is to keep it an Italian-themed restaurant, with a new focus on pizza. [link]

(Photo is of the existing bar at Piattini.)

Weird Fish is closing forever, because the Mission

Remember that period in 2009 or so when it seemed like all we ever did was blog about Weird Fish? Well we haven’t mentioned them in a couple years now, and I’m sad to say this just might be the last time. Mission Local reports:

After two years of trying to revamp Dante’s Weird Fish and open a new place at the site The Corner once occupied, the owner Peter Hood has “thrown in the towel” and sold both businesses to another restaurateur who will install two new places

The Mission, he said, was over saturated and overregulation, like Healthy San Francisco, a mandate that requires businesses with 20 or more employees to provide health benefits for them, made it more taxing to do business. He added that he’s tired of the countless startups such as Groupon and other discounters trying to become middlemen between him and his customers.

“I will say that, across the board, anyone who’s been around the Mission all felt that the pie was getting slightly smaller,” he said about the abundance of restaurants in the Mission. “What can you do there with so many new businesses and seats?”


“This is not some sort of ‘I am a vindictive person.’” He said. “I’ve loved the Mission. I think it is an amazing neighborhood and I love everything about it. It’s just not very friendly to small businesses.”

(Emphasis mine.) Weird Fish will remain open through the end of 2014. Read on for more quotes and the scoop on the new owner’s plans for the spaces.

And now, a complete history of Weird Fish coverage through the ages:

October specials at Wise Sons and Rice Paper Scissors

The Wise Sons one is a Hawaiian sandwich with homemade spam, and the RPS one is pho noodle rolls with chicken and summer corn and some other stuff. Both were bomb, and both feature teriyaki sauce by SF-based sauce maker Soy Vay.

I hope they start canning their spam, am I right?

(The portions are small because this photo is from a media preview. Real portions should be bigger.)

(P.S. I heard Wise Sons is open for dinner now sometimes.)

Kids say the darnedest things to Dolores Park cookie vendors

I’ve always wondered the same thing, but never had the guts to ask.

[via Hey, Cookie! on Facebook]

Inside the forthcoming Hapa Ramen shop at 19th and Mission

Nice booths!

[via Mission Local]

What the fuck is happening with Sunflower?

Eater SF reports:

Sunflower, the dual-entrance Vietnamese restaurant that straddles the corner of 16th and Valencia, has long been a favorite amongst Missionites for its solid renditions of classics like garlic noodles and imperial rolls, not to mention reasonable prices that have held firm despite Valencia’s increasing gentrification. But now, Sunflower is mysteriously shuttered, with only a sign on the door reading “We are closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.” A call placed to the restaurant was answered by a voicemail box with an identical message. A staffer at Sunflower’s sister location in Potrero Hill, which remains open, refused to comment on why the Mission location was closed, or when it might reopen. [link]

[Photo by Angela Rose]

Drink of the Week: The SF Lager at Southern Pacific

It’s Anchor Steamy but kinda different. Refreshing on a hot summer day, and probably refreshing on a muggy rainy day too. Hella good.

Leftover carnitas wet burrito sandwich, a recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A leftover San Jalisco carnitas wet burrito
  • Bread
  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Cheez-Its (optional)

Here’s what a leftover San Jalisco carnitas wet burrito looks like:

First, put mayo and mustard on two slices of bread, like this:

Second, cut slices of the now-congealed burrito the way you would slices of meatloaf for a meatloaf sandwich:

Pop those suckers on the bread, along with some greens that are probably also in your leftovers container:

Put the top on, cut that baby in half, garnish with Cheez-Its, and voila, lunch:

Sidewalk seating (with food and beer) now open on formerly piss-and-barf-soaked stretch of Albion Street

I hope it’s “formerly” anyway. (I mean, it is right across from Delirium.)

Anyway, sidewalk seating rules!

[via Eater SF]