Mission Chinese Food, the clothing line

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My goodness, look at this sandwich


Today’s special at Turner’s Kitchen here in the Mission:

BBQ pulled pork, fresh cling peaches, jalapeño-lime slaw and crispy onions on Dutch crunch.


Special In-N-Out Burger-style menu this month at Alamo Drafthouse



It’s to coincide with the release of Ingrid Goes West on August 18th, but it looks like it’s available during all shows for the next 10 days at least, and then during showings of the movie once it’s open. Double-Double, Animal Fries, and even a special beer called “Ingrid Gose West.”

(Also this month, also to coincide with Ingrid, is the “Tales of the Obsessed” series which we wrote about last week.)

Get tickets to the movie here, and check out the full menu after the jump:


What shape is your slice?

Local pizza enthusiast (and mathematician, and graphic designer from the ’90s) Ticklefight takes an in-depth look at the slice shapes you might get at Arinell Pizza:

arinell pizza geometries


Spanish-style sherry bar opening temporarily in the Mission

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[Photo by Wes Rowe]

ABV‘s upstairs rotating-concept bar Over Proof has announced its latest thing; it’s called Este Oeste, and it opens next week:

The name means “East West” and refers to the prevailing winds of southern Spain that greatly affect the aging of Sherry wines. ‘Este o este’ also loosely translates as ‘this or that’ in keeping with the Flip Flop/Double Back theme of change in the title. Sherry and gin will be the focus of the beverage program, but the real star of show is the food – which will be Spanish influenced.

Chef Collin Hilton has done a beautiful job with this menu, which can be described as bright and coastal, rustic but clean. Spanish style dishes are close to his heart, and we cannot wait for folks to try everything he has created for this quarter.

Décor will return to the light and airy vibes we saw with Flip Flop—but with a decidedly more Mediterranean look. Este Oeste’s sunny interior will feature soft pastel hues and a hanging collection of dried herbs, flowers, and botanicals. Blue and white Mediterranean tiles line the front steps of the entrance stairs and wrap the front bar to create the perfect backdrop for Chef Collin Hilton and Sous Chef Nick Salazar’s menu of deceptively simple, bright, Spanish-inspired fare.

Get reservations here, and/or check out the full menu after the jump:


Tasty new seasonal “salad” special at Wes Burger

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Beautiful heirloom tomatoes, plus Fritos and bacon! A truly great salad.

A hot pastrami sandwich inspired by the In-N-Out Double-Double, today in the Mission!

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At Turner’s Kitchen, possibly today only! If this photo isn’t enough, read all about it:

Sandwich special! Hot pastrami, melted American cheese, avocado, garden lettuces, grilled onion, tomato and 1,000 island (aka spread) on Dutch crunch roll. Inspired by the @innout double-double. ❤️🍔🇺🇸

[via Turner's Kitchen on Instagram]

Roast beef sandwiches and curly fries coming soon to Discolandia



Drink for Charity: Negroni Week


It’s that magical time of year where it’s your duty to drink…for charity! Negroni Week launched in 2013 as a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charities around the world. All week long from June 5th – June 11th, order a Negroni at Pops and a donation will be made to support BFF.fm! BFF.fm – Best Frequencies Forever is a nonprofit San Francisco-based community radio station. Their mission is to support emerging and underground artists and bring the Bay Area music scene to the world through the magic of Internet radio. BFF.fm features nearly 100 DJs hosting 75 unique shows, adding up to more than 135 hours of original programming each week, streaming their studios in the Mission District.


Beefeater Gin, Campari, Cinzano served on the rocks with an orange twist

Benefiting BFF FM Radio

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Beer can trick

Poinski fucking did it:

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