Cool new way to eat a cheeseburger

I can’t wait to rip up a Wes Burger and dip it in a carton of Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced. (Remember like in elementary school if you wanted to dip an Oreo in your milk at lunch, you’d have to open up the carton all the way?)

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Homemade organic injera


Now that Pal’s Take Away has officially left the building to open their own sandwich shop, the lovely Ethiopian couple who run the market on 24th and York Hampshire have begun a new endeavor by offering fresh, homemade injera! In case you don’t know, injera is that wonderfully spongy sourdough-like stuff that’s used to eat Ethiopian food in lieu of utensils. And they’re selling packs of six for only five dollars!


Look at all that yeasty goodness! Just don’t do what I did and eat the whole pack in one night, because you might feel somewhat, well, incapacitated the next day…

Fayes introduces a Google Glass antidote

Fayes Video (where I worked for a bunch of years around the turn of the millennium) has thrown down the Google Glass gauntlet with a new pint glass that they’ll be selling in the shop. The glasses will be $9.20+tax, so you can buy two of them, hold them up to your eyes and order $1,480 worth of Fayes coffee, knowing you’ve saved a buck or two not buying Google Glass! What a swell way to support a local business!

Thanks, Mike!

It is delivery, it’s DiGiorno

Coffee the sport

Jason Kottke writes:

Coffee, like almost everything else these days, is a sport. Everyone has a favorite team (or coffee making method or political affiliation or design style or TV drama or rapper or comic book), discusses techniques and relives great moments with other likeminded fans, and argues with fans of other teams. The proliferation and diversification of media over the past 35 years created thousands of new sports and billions of new teams.

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[Photo by Josh Nguyen]

Now here’s an awesome Bloody Mary

Which reminds me, we should have another Bloody Marython one of these days, right? Any new contenders?

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Fajita Falafel Burrito

Even Danny Bowien isn’t sure that this hybrid can work. Remember when mashups were just songs that played together?

In related news, is anyone else psyched about the possibility of a long distance drone airlifting this Mission Cantina burrito back to the Mission??

It’s happening again

New York bagels, flown in overnight, served up fancy at Dear Mom. 180 this time, one per person.

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Tamale Lady brick-and-mortar will open soon at 16th and Capp

SFist reports:

Today SFist has learned that her lease is, indeed, signed for a space near 16th and Mission, construction has begun, and she’ll be having a press conference in the coming weeks.

As Supervisor David Campos’s aide Nathan Allbee tells us, she “should be ready to open by late spring.”

Also today we can confirm that the location is at 16th and Capp, across from Chile Lindo Empanadas and a couple doors over from Maruya, a.k.a. the former Bar Bambino.

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Eat some balls!

Eater SF reports:

Balls Deep Arancini, from Mandy Jay, Jonn Villa, and Matt Eloy (who’ve cooked at Big Sur’s Henry Miller Library and at Seven Hills, respectively), is serving fried risotto balls in flavors like eggplant-pesto, avocado-jalapeño, and tomato-roasted garlic to fortify Saturday drinkers at El Rio (9 pm-1 am). [link]

Yum! Let’s get to work!