Finally a way to support your local sandwich maker, your local rock band, and your local corner store all at the same time

Remember how excited I was the other day to learn that one of my favorite corner stores, New Hampshire Market on 20th at Hampshire, had started making KILLER pulled pork sandwiches? Well when it rains it pours…

I popped into Tony’s Market an hour ago, ordered a couple sandwiches from the Pal’s Take Away counter, grabbed some Popchips and a Guayaki, and while I was checking out, spied a handmade display full of records and tapes by local band Future Twin. I picked out a couple items and added them to my haul. The staff were very pleased.

Got back to the office and listened to Future Twin and ate these sandwiches:

This song “Lockits” rules, check it out:

And be sure to pick up a copy of your own next time you’re at Tony’s.

First look inside the new KronnerBurger

I guess KronnerBurger is due to finally open any day now, at their new permanent location on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. This is the first photographic evidence we’ve seen that things are getting underway.

I’m real excited about that English muffin, and whatever the “frilly” thing is on the burger.

Lol “apps bro”

Zeppole are coming

Our pal Emily Nathon (former Mission Community Market manager, and legendary garbage hero) has teamed up with DanVy Vu of the Streatery truck to start a ZEPPOLE business, and they’re hitting the Mission for the first time this Saturday!

What’s a zeppole you ask? Why, it’s some kind of awesome Italian doughnut! Here’s another picture:

The zeppole business is called Girl Friday and they’re popping up at Tiny Warrior Coffee on 18th Street on Saturday morning 10am-1pm.


If you’re a true fan of pulled pork sandwiches, get yourself a pulled pork sandwich from New Hampshire Market

It’s a modest but perfect sandwich. (This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I didn’t think to take it til I was almost done.)

20th and Hampshire.

(And remember to call your corner store by its name instead of just “corner store”.)

Check out Safeway’s satellite Dolores Park

Pretty similar to the real thing (seeing as how the real thing is STILL mostly fenced off.)

[via Denise]

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Buttermilk is softly open

Southern cookin’ at 23rd and Bryant.

Here’s what it looks like:

Here’s the dinner menu:

The fried chicken was legit.

Tartine and Blue Bottle plot world domination via historic merger

Eater SF has the details:

San Francisco’s beloved Tartine Bakery, which was founded in 2002 by baker Chad Robertson and pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt, has merged with Blue Bottle Coffee, the Bay Area-based roaster and retailer. According to the New York Times, Tartine Bakery plans to open locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Thanks to Blue Bottle’s footprint in each of these cities, the expansion will likely be smooth and swift.

In January, Robertson hinted at the possibility of opening a bread-only bakery in New York City. As of last September, Tartine had plans to open in Tokyo, where Blue Bottle recently opened a roastery and store. Notably, details of the merger state that the two companies will continue to operate independently, that Robertson and Prueitt will continue to oversee all bakery production and operations, and that Bar Tartine is not part of the merger. According to the Times, Bar Tartine will be sold to its head chefs Nicolaus Balla and Cortney Burns.

Read on for more details and speculation.

[File photo by Ariel's friend Jenny]

Check out Rice Paper Scissors’ sweet new hand-lettered signage!

[via RPS on Instagram]

Genius entrepreneur peddling homemade milkshakes in the park

And only $3! Look out, St. Francis Fountain!

[via Stephanie Meyers]

Drink of the Week: Damnation

On tap at Rosamunde right now. So good. Just look at it.