The $5 toast at Dear Mom is worth every penny



There are about 500 bars in town, which means that there are about 10 birthdays a week. This past Monday, Kilowatt had it’s 20th birthday, reverting back to 1994 pricing and attitude.

I mean, everyone was super chill, there were a multitude of tasty beers and a steady stream of tunes from the 19nineties. Most beers were $3 and pool was 25¢, meaning that $10 could buy two beers, a congratulatory shot for the bartender, then a game of play with a quarter you found. Also, this totally happened at the table.

So, what do you think about wishing your favorite bar down the street a happy birthday? It’s probably soon.

I mean, Racer 5 for $3 is excellent

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A note on gin bars

Local rum bar Smuggler’s Cove is opening a gin bar.

Right!? (Just kidding, Smuggler’s Cove rules and I’m sure they’ll do a great job with gin too.) (But goddamn, I hate gin.)

Tomorrow will be your last chance to eat a Pal’s burger for a while

Next week Pal’s is moving back to their original location at 24th and Hampshire, a location that is totally awesome — but does not include a grill for making burgers. Thus, tomorrow is your last chance (for the foreseeable future) to take part in the weekly “Pal’s Burger Time.”

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Long line for free ice cream sandwiches at new ice cream sandwich shop on 16th Street

It’s called CREAM, which is a Wu-Tang reference, and it’s originally from Berkeley I think. Eater SF has lots more info here.

(CREAM is a fine name, but I think they could’ve come up with something better had they gotten lost in the mystery of the Wu-Tang name generator.)

(Here now are the Wu-Tang names of every current Mission Mission contributor:

  • Allan Hough = Eight-legged DJ
  • Andrew Sarkarati = Inscrutable Drama Queen
  • Ariel Dovas = My Cousin the Wife-Beatah
  • Vic Wong = Cheeky Delinquent
  • Helen Tseng = Superintendent God-Botherer
  • Kat Malinowska = Lesbian Pimp
  • Doc Pop = Dizzy Cow
  • Andrew Dalton = Asthmatic Enemy of God
  • Joshua Cobos = Tha Visible Choirboy

Cool, that was fun. I think Helen wins. Again.)

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Mission Chinese Food chef to open ‘Mediterranean-inspired Japanese’ restaurant around the corner on 20th Street

His name is Jesse Koide and he’s been the top man at MCF for a long time (since founder Danny Bowien’s been busy opening restaurants in NYC and modeling for fashion shoots). Now he’s doing his own thing, but with a very Mission Chinese-style twist. Inside Scoop reports:

Like the original days of Mission Chinese Food inside Lung Shan, Pink Zebra and Tao Yin will actually co-exist within the space. So somehow, Koide’s experience in cooking at a restaurant within in a restaurant will be put to good use.

Pink Zebra will start out as a five-nights-a-week endeavor, serving Koide’s eclectic menu of Japanese and Mediterranean fare. There’s a little sushi counter in the space, where Koide and cohort Rio Sakai hope to serve an omakase menu; both hot and cold a la carte dishes will be available in the rest of the room. Pink Zebra and Tao Yin will share the kitchen, and Tao Yin will likely reserve a few tables for its regulars as well with a limited menu of its own on Pink Zebra nights.

“Basically, I would call it Mediterranean-inspired Japanese food. A lot of the stuff I end up making is influenced by Japan, and my experience with Italian food,” says Koide, who has worked at  Ichiban Sushi, Moshi Moshi, Blowfish Sushi, Bar Tartine and Farina, among others.

Yeah, it’s called Pink Zebra. Boom! Read on for more details and a tidbit about what’s gonna happen at MCF.

[via Eater SF]

Rice dog

The culinary geniuses at Lucky Peach just invented something new. Here’s what it’s all about:

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get hungry. My solution for this is usually giving money to stores or restaurants that already have food that they are willing to trade, but last night I decided to switch it up by preparing a meal for myself! I started with one of the only dishes I can make: rice. On a hunch, I decided to put it into a hot dog bun. And now with this exclusive recipe, you can too!

Sounds good! Read on for the full recipe.

And now, please enjoy this selection of original recipes by the Mission Mission crew:

This is a pretty clever Coors Light ad, c’mon

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Drink of the Week: The ‘Fernet About It’ at VSR

It’s Fernet, vermouth, agave and orange bitters I think? A nice lady at the bar recommended it and it was awesome. (Not quite as good as Fernet all by itself, but it was a nice change of pace last night.)

(And yeah, I just called Virgil’s Sea Room “VSR.”)

Now let’s rock:

Wes of Wes Burger and his brother Walker announce Uncle Brother’s Chicken!

It’s a Wes Burger-style popup, but FRIED CHICKEN! Here’s the deal:

I am excited to announce my new pop-up/collaboration with my brother Walker. Starting this Tuesday we will be serving a weekly rotating menu of different fried chicken styles from around the world. Come check us out at The Residence Tuesday nights 6-10pm

Can’t wait! Follow Uncle Brother’s on Facebook to stay in the loop.