Learn to brew your own beer at Rainbow Grocery

I don’t know Kevin, but Alejandro is a really fun dude. This will be a greaaaat way to learn brewing. (Plus I hear there’s free beer involved.)

And be sure to follow Rainbow Grocery on Instagram to stay hip to other fun stuff happening at the store.

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What 4505 Meats’ fancy bologna looks like coming out of the meat grinder

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Pretty cool.

Check out the menu for the Seoul Patch ‘Breakfast Happy Hour’ this Saturday at Pizza Hacker

Ooooh baby! I always look forward to happy hour, but this is a whole nother story.

Also, great to see Seoul Patch back in action!

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Sous Beurre Kitchen opening next week on 24th street

Mission Mission Sous Beurre

Formerly the pop-up eatery within Sugarlump on 24th St, Sous Beurre Kitchen will be opening its own doors to the public this Thursday, Feb 5th. The brand new space, located at 2704 24th St, near Potrero Ave, will serve Southern French cuisine with main dishes like Dungeness Crab Bouillabaisse, Confit Pheasant Leg and Bavette Steak. The á-la-carte menu price point will be between $8-$26 according to the owner, but this may vary depending on the seasonal menu. There will also be a prix-fixe tasting menu available.

When I asked if they’ll be bringing back the popular $1 oyster Wednesdays with $4 sparkling wine like they had at Sugarlump, the answer was a potentially optimistic “maybe.” But let’s not get our hopes up just yet.

Sous Beurre Kitchen will be open for dinner Mondays-Saturdays.

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I know nobody gives a shit about the Super Bowl this year, but, this menu…

Wes from Wes Burger is doing a Super Bowl themed thing on the patio at Virgil’s during the game:

Seattle Dog
cream cheese, polish sausage, grilled onions, kraut and pickled jalapenos and your choice of sriracha or bbq sauce

New England Crab Cake sandwich
crab, slaw, brioche bun, spicy pickle tarter sauce

Your food purchase of either a Seattle dog or Patriot sandwich will enter in a vote for that team. Each quarter we will draw a two raffle tickets from the pot of the team who is winning and give away a free food item or a drink ticket.

Plus $5 bloody marys?? RSVP and invite your team.

Six burritos for $4

Who says SF is too pricey??

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Weird Fish will outlive us all

Capp Street Crap reports:

Fans of Dante’s Weird Fish may have been surprised to see it open past its anticipated closing date at the end of 2014. Turns out, the pescetarian restaurant could stick around until early summer, and some of its dishes will live on at the bistro that’s replacing it.

Irfan Yalçin bought Weird Fish near 18th and Mission streets and the restaurant space two doors down in October. He said he was struck by patrons’ reaction to news of Weird Fish’s closure so he got permission from former owner Peter Hood to incorporate some of its vegan dishes into his new venture.

AND, Hood says he’ll try to resurrect WF for real some day! Read on for the details on that, as well as more info on the menu at the new place.

Ramen is dead

So claims Chef David Chang, basically, in a new editorial for Lucky Peach:

What’s happened to ramen in the past decade is a microcosm of the larger food world. In 2003, when I was working at Café Boulud, the other cooks and I used to go down to wd~50 after service just to look at the menu and try to envision what the food might look like. That’s how it used to be before the Internet; you would still go to restaurants, look at their menu, and just imagine. You’d order ramen books from Japan and wait weeks for them to arrive, so you could pore over the photos from across the planet.

Now the Internet’s changed everything. People can get all the information they want instantaneously, and that has killed innovation in ramen.

The Internet exploded in the 2000s, and with it came the ramen boom in Japan. Suddenly, ramen became the very establishment it once stood against. A variety of magazines and websites arose, solely dedicated to ramen. Everyone could learn everything about it. Anyone can read the Lucky Peach ramen issue and possess information that’s taken decades to develop and accumulate.

Great, first the internet ruined San Francisco, now it’s ruined ramen. Thanks a lot, internet.

Read on for more gripes and stuff.

If you absolutely positively must eat a burrito in a San Francisco neighborhood other than the Mission…

The Bold Italic made you a list. Here’s what they have to say about the Upper Haight:

Street Taco is such a breath of fresh air in a neighborhood that shouldn’t have to suffer from burrito mediocrity! The Upper Haight is already home to El Faro and Zona Rosa, both aggressively average taquerias, with Zona as the slightly better option. At Street Taco, the tables are clean, the chips are warm, and the Al Pastor comes straight from the spit. Enjoy some Mexico City street food from an establishment where you won’t have to avert your eyes from the health rating on the wall.

Read on for lots more recommendations. (Or just stay in the Mission.)

San Diego burrito, bigger than your forearm

What the heck

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