Fernet More Popular in Virginia?

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Our boy Marcus wants to know why this Google Insights data suggests there’s a shit-ton of search-related interest in Fernet all the way over in Virginia. How dare they encroach on our stranglehold on interest in the apertif we appropriated from Argentina and Italy!?


San Franciscans Drink A Shit-Ton of Fernet

I Drink a Shit-Ton of Fernet

14 Responses to “Fernet More Popular in Virginia?”

  1. Lapidgeon says:

    Maybe it’s the secret politico drink.

  2. Akshay says:

    Overall Italy is pretty low on the list too:

    My theory… those in the know don’t need to search for it because we’re busy enjoying it. Boo-yah.

  3. Stucco Sux says:

    Close, actually, Lapidgeon (you never answered my question as to whether that is French for Pidgeon, btw)

    DC has a huge international population from the Eurozone, and to them, Fernet is not unlike what Trueblood evidently is to vampires (available now for the adventurous Fernet fiend with dark thoughts):


    Me, I prefer that which is to lesbians searching for an aperitif, the beverage equivalent of the Subaru: Lillet:


  4. davey says:

    probably a lot of failed san franciscans who moved back home trying to get a hold of the awesome again…

  5. mawkus says:

    This also led me to this gem of a video. Some sort of Slovakian Fernet euro party?

    Also, the searches all come from Washington, VA…round of shots for the first person who gets to the bottom of this.

    Also, Virginia is beating California 100 to 87…you know what to do!

    • Allan Hough says:

      Drink more Fernet?

    • Rawley says:

      Washington, VA, is home to “The Inn at Little Washington” and very little esle. It’s an upscale B&B with a famous restaurant. Maybe the chef was cookin’ up some Fernet Fritters?

      Full disclosure: I just moved from SF to Virginia.

  6. dickinburlingame says:

    i grew up in southeastern virginia and can only think that all the international folk in the northern virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. are responsible. Where I grew up, if you didn’t have a can of Red, White and Blue beer in your hand, you’re automatically considered queer…..

  7. Those numbers don’t represent pure search volume, it represents the percent of the internet population who searched it. Considering that Virginia’s internet population is pretty low, that’s probably why they came up first. It’s unlikely that they’re searing for it more often.

    The better gauge would be to click the “metro” link just above the map of the US:


    San Francisco leads the pack by far, and Washington DC reveals itself to be the real reason Virginia has any fernet love.

    • mawkus says:

      Yes, we are still beating Washington on a city to city basis, but it looks like our index is being dragged down by the rest of this large (and apparently uncultured) state. I guess we need to take more road trips and educate the rest of our state.

  8. zz says:

    My friends: behold the explanation for the spike in search interest in Fernet down here…Virginia’s state-run ABC no longer imports it! With all due respect, Mr. Insight on Google Insights, you reasoned away a explicable phenomenon.

    I think this link might be a press release from whoever distributes Fernet-Branca, but the appalling story of a Virginia without Fernet is a tragedy nonetheless.