The best restaurant in the Mission is F.O.B. Kitchen

The only trouble is that right now they’re only a restaurant in the Mission as an occasional brunch popup at Cease & Desist. (They’re also doing dinner this Wednesday night a little further out Mission Street at a great little neighborhood bar called Doctor’s Lounge.)

Anyway it’s Filipino food made with quality ingredients and a lot of good vibes, and every time I eat there it’s all I can think about for a week. (And I’ve eaten there every week for about a month or so, so it’s basically all I can think about.) (It’s the best.)

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[Photos by F.O.B. Kitchen on Instagram]

5 Responses to “The best restaurant in the Mission is F.O.B. Kitchen”

  1. Oyster Boy says:

    What is that first photo? Looks like Tandoori chicken, but that’s not a Filipino dish.

  2. Badge 714 says:

    Why are Mission Mission readers so blasé about restaurant posts? My guess is that they all pay so much in rent that they’re on a permanent Walgreens ramen diet, but I could be wrong.

  3. Lucifer says:

    I second that FOB is the BEST new popup and group of people going on in the mission right now. The food blows my mind every time. The people who throw this are super cool too!