Drink of the Week: Argentine Fernet with Australian ginger beer

You’re right, no Fernet is as good as Fernet Branca, but sometimes it’s fun to branch out a little. My friend Simon recently hosted a Fernet party, most of which I do not remember, but according to this photo I just found, we drank this concoction. And it looks pretty good. (I do remember the Argentine Fernet was delivered to the party by someone who on the event invite expressed profound distaste for Fernet of all kinds. It was nice that she came to her senses and decided to participate.)

Looks real nice in that gorgeous Fernet Branca glass too.

8 Responses to “Drink of the Week: Argentine Fernet with Australian ginger beer”

  1. Simon B says:

    Alternative Drink of the Week: A “Bottom of the Bay”, which is a shot of Fernet Branca depth-charged into a pint of Porter…

    …which was instigated by Allan, and is the main reason he (and nearly everyone else) can’t actually remember most of the party.

  2. fernet fan four fifteen says:

    Damn, I want that. Also, Fernet parties of any kind are surefire blackouts.

  3. Bill W says:

    Actually Fernet Branca in Argentina is Argentinian Fernet, since they make it there. But you don’t know shit about Fernet do you?

  4. Carlos B. says:

    Looks tasty. How’d Fernet 1882 taste on its own compared to Fernet Branca? Apparently 1882 was designed to be mixed with Coke, which is the Argentine way of drinking it. http://www.argentinaindependent.com/life-style/food-drink/fernet-1882-the-argentine-way/

  5. of course says:

    Of course you went to a Fernet party and couldn’t wait to blog about it.