Fashion Watch: Simpsons Cape

simpsons blanket eating ice cream

Helps you stay warm and ward off women in any town but this one.

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3 Responses to “Fashion Watch: Simpsons Cape”

  1. y’know, it’s one thing to mock people who intentional put themselves in, or expect to be placed in, the frame. but going after regular people, making snide comments about their clothes, or their bodies, is beyond lame.

    but as long as YOU get a good feeling about putting down people you feel superior to.

    oh, btw, if you chose to actually look at the photo, dude IS with a woman.

    just another typical blog from you fucks.

  2. second and last time i waste my time reading this shit.

    have fun looking for your missing moral center.

  3. Who would want to ward her off? More like plow ’til Tuesday.