Dharma Punx meditation center coming soon to the Mission

It’ll be at 23rd and Folsom shortly. Here’s the deal:

For over a decade, people from all over the Bay Area have been getting together every Friday, to sit in silent meditation and learn from a phenomenal group of dharma teachers including Vinny Ferraro, Gene Lushtak, Matthew Brensilver, Megan Cowan and more. If you’ve meditated with us over the last couple of years, you know this well: we’re packed to capacity! To help keep up with our growing community, we’ve added two new weekly meditation groups, and launched several weekly Refuge Recovery meetings to offer our community a Buddhist approach to recovery from addiction. But the final piece of the puzzle is to bring all this and more under one roof.

And it’s happening! Their Indiegogo campaign has met its goal, but you’ve got a couple days left to donate to the effort and receive great perks in return (such as books, shirts, hoodies, yoga lessons, massages, private sessions, weeklong retreats and more). Get well soon!!!

4 Responses to “Dharma Punx meditation center coming soon to the Mission”

  1. scum says:

    The Dharma Bum were an ok band…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY_pN3QiqSg

  2. m says:

    Nice. Good to know.

    Anyone interested in this should also check out the Shambhala Center near Market and Gough. They have numerous free meditation sessions throughout the week and a solid group of people. No DJ sets, though.

  3. Howard Cosell says:

    Yuck! I will be Mindful to avoid Josh Levine at all costs. Thanx for the head’s up.

  4. Howard Cosell says:

    Sorry Josh – meant Noah.