Suitcase found containing 80 severed heads

Our pal Wesley came upon the unsettling scene:

Suitcase found with 80 severed heads, at 18th and Guerrero. The Mission really is Little Mexico.

Insensitive, Wes!

22 Responses to “Suitcase found containing 80 severed heads”

  1. Greg says:

    Somehow that is the fault of American drug consumption.

  2. Cenk Uygur says:

    I guess I never caught that bug where you’re only supposed to care about your own country or your own local area. To me, 49 decapitated Mexicans is just as bad as 49 decapitated Americans and I know if there were 49 decapitated Americans in the street anywhere in the country, it would be like 9/11 all over again. It would be the largest news story for years – if it just happened once – but it happens time and time again in Mexico… and I guess as long as Americans aren’t getting decapitated, apparently the rest of the country, and especially our media, couldn’t give a damn and that’s part of what’s sick and wrong with this country’s media. And so, we march on as if nothing is wrong, as if everything is hunky dory, as if the war on drugs makes sense and hasn’t created these grotesque gangs that grow larger and more grotesque by the day – and it’s not because of the drugs. It’s because the drugs are illegal.

  3. The agreeable one says:

    Uh huh.

  4. Ariel Dovas says:

    I wonder if they are rejects from the Animal Throne.

  5. Frank says:

    Good luck with that “writing” career of yours, insensitive prick! Bye Bye forever Mission Mission!
    Go take a hike, you and your pathetic little blog.

  6. anadromy says:

    And what was the act’s name? … The aristocrats!

  7. knuf says:

    My teddy bear is having nightmares and can’t get back to sleep, you insensitive expletive!

  8. YT says:


  9. Franklon says:

    White guys are the worst Mexicans wannabes

  10. Fyodor says:

    You hear all this talk about the troubled economy, but this post kind of proves it really isn’t that hard to get a head these days…

    I.. I’ll show myself out.

  11. damian says:

    mexicans are the worst mexican wannabes..someone was just trying out for employment with one of the cartels;gotta stay in pracice;ya know

  12. damian says: