Gunmen are robbing bars in the Mission now

It happened just before closing. Mission Local reports:

While two of the suspects kept the patrons guarded and on the floor, the third suspects stole the tip jar and cash from the register.

The suspect also asked one victim to hand turn out his pockets and took what cash he had.  In addition some credit cards were taken, Esparza said.

After stealing one more purse, all three suspects fled.   Witnesses told police that the robbers drove off in a maroon, four-door sedan. [link]

Holy shit.

The police blotter only identified the bar as being on the 400 block of Potrero Avenue, so Mission Local suspects it was probably Sadie’s Flying Elephant.

After the jump, an album of my favorite photos of hanging out at that bar (whatever it’s called) late at night, over the years, usually just before closing:

9 Responses to “Gunmen are robbing bars in the Mission now”

  1. Brock Keeling says:

    THAT’S ME!

  2. shubacca says:

    Mission Hill Saloon is what they are calling it these days:

    Fundraiser for one of the people robbed (it has already exceeded the amount requested):

  3. Oakland Born says:

    Just another example of Frisco trying to keep up with Oakland’s trends.

  4. manymachines says:

    Oh my goodness, even I have been to that bar.