Free Blog Idea

Quoth zinzin:

there’s a lot of weird red goo on the street & sidewalk outside Bender’s this morning. the sewer grate on the corner, in particular, looks like the scene of a low budget horror film. very red, very splattery. soon it will be black and collect sticky garbage i am sure. maybe they’ll put a hose on it today.

that said, it’s much better than the car on my block whose entire passenger door is covered in an explosion of human feces this morning. it’s on the sidewalk too, which isn’t unusual…but on the car itself? couldn’t even bend over enough to get it all onto the ground?

i won’t post a pic here, i’m far too genteel as is the esteemed readership here, but that could make a frequently updated Mission blog in itself: glamour shots of human feces in my hood.

Sounds like a winner. Any takers?

One Response to “Free Blog Idea”

  1. zinzin says:

    um. eww. but really, i could have…uh…collected 4 posts today alone.