Dolores Park Jedi Questions Cops


SFPD were out in force yesterday afternoon, cruising the park and ordering parkgoers to pour out their Tecates.

At one point, this cloaked hero ran up on them, asking for clarification and debating the validity of their decrees.

Note the light saber in his left hand.


I Fought The Law at Guerilla Curatorship.

17 Responses to “Dolores Park Jedi Questions Cops”

  1. shawnbot says:

    Out in force, indeed.

  2. G. says:

    I saw the cops there about a week ago too. I don’t get it. Are they just trying to stop the casual drinking on a chilly weekday evening? Or is this the beginning of the end of Dolores? Regardless, I think Precita is a good look for a new drinkin’ park.

  3. salsa says:

    But… Jedi day is 5/4. [confused]

  4. Tad Benton says:

    Wait, are they seriously cracking down on drinking in the park? This seems like big news.

  5. brian says:

    they crack down on the park every now and then, but they’re not out everyday.

    you guys remember last 4th of july? they were out a ton around then, throughout the rest of the month pretty regularly, then not so much.

    just don’t bring anything you wouldn’t mind pouring out. if the beers aren’t open you can just take them home.

  6. zinzin says:

    bernal heights folks up-hill from precita would never stand for it en masse and on the regular like at dolores. precita is actually much more patrolled than dolores in my experience, perhaps because of proximity to the projects, perhaps because of MUCH more organized & vocal property owners, perhaps because it’s just many more owners up there.

    it’s a tough one, actually.

    open containers are illegal. but folks hanging in the park drinking a beer, regardless of their socio-economics, seems OK.

    smoking weed? OK for me & mine, but for (other) families with kids? maybe not. depends.

    folks partying into the night in a noisy way? hmmm.

    folks leaving a blanket of trash for monday morning? lame.

    folks living in the park, using it as a toilet? not so cool.

    drug dealers? bad.

    point is, how does a city “enforce” “rules” without ruining a good thing? can they make judgement calls all day long? or just “enforce” the “rules”?

    no easy answers that i can see.

  7. zinzin says:

    oh, and that said, i love this jedi post.

    these are not the beers you are looking for.

  8. Katie Doze says:

    They were only cracking down on the “hipster hill” section. And they totally neglected the giant crowd of really drunk 15 yr punks hanging out on the bathroom steps.


  9. Fineasspimp says:

    You have to be an idiot to get busted for drinking in dolores park for drinking. Or even getting caught and having to pour your drinks out. I will be drinking there until I’m 90. Or until my liver stops working.

  10. jimbeam says:

    This is ridiculous. Dolores is part of what makes our community great. Also, weed should disturb parents less than alcohol and it’s crazy that it’s the other way around.

  11. ooeygooey says:

    What really disturbs the parents is all the broken glass and trash. The cops should give out free weed to people who pick up trash.

  12. zinzin says:

    well, i think it depends on which parents, right?

    personally, i’m more put out by the human feces (big surprise) and people living in the park than the garbage.

    one set of friends are more put out by the garbage.

    another, by the weed smokers & occasional thug crowds.

    there’s all sort of issues for parents..we’re a picky lot.

    but that’s life in the city.

    all that said, i’m in the park pretty much every day for dog walk, and every sunny weekend without fail with the kid. we love dolores park, warts and all.

  13. ooeygooey says:

    If you’re saying that I have to choose between broken glass, human feces, people living in the park, weed smoking, and thugs — then I choose none. It’s not what bothers me more, it’s that it all should be done in moderation, if at all. The last year or so has seen very little moderation and lots more of all of the above, with little regard for the overall health of the park by those who take advantage of it. Pretty soon, there won’t be any choice but for the cops to clear it out daily. As a neighbor of the park, I’m a little afraid of the coming summer….people, please take care of what you love!

  14. zinzin says:

    i think we’re saying the same thing.

  15. chalkman says:

    exactly, there’d be much less trouble with the people around DP if people would just clean up their trash, and realize that DP isn’t just a “hipster playground”, but a park in a midst of a densely populated residential neighborhood.

    99% of the people coming to the park are awesome, the problem is that park usage has gone up 10X, so that 1% gets magnified…

  16. Matt says:

    These are not the hipsters you are looking for.

  17. Andrew says:

    If everyone just respected the park then there would be no need for oversight… To be honest though, I know that there is a group of citizens that are over the drinking and partying in the park and there have been meetings with the Mission Station Police lately… This is a fact.

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