San Francisco Should Have Paid the Bratts to Make This Film

There’s nothing better than a movie review that reads nothing like a movie review. Phil Bronstein on La Mission:

Although “Milk” gave SF its overdue due about an important time, an historical figure and a movement, “La Mission” is essentially an ongoing narrative of real and profound life, mostly in the neighborhood noted in the title, but with powerful vistas and street corners of other parts of our geography. Culturally and literally, it fills in the color that we should be celebrating and feeling more.

The Bratts’ “La Mission” shows there are two tales to this city…

6 Responses to “San Francisco Should Have Paid the Bratts to Make This Film”

  1. meave says:

    Man I hate it when people write “an historical.” It is so obnoxious, like aspirated H’s just don’t exist, or something.

  2. SFDoggy says:

    So if we missed the premiere, when can we see it?

  3. Allan Hough says:

    They’re still in talks right now, but the idea is it gets a wider release some time this fall. And the soundtrack album would follow soon after hopefully, because it has a rad soundtrack (a lot of Boogie Nights overlap, but a lot of other stuff too).

  4. olu says:

    They should show this movie and Medicine for Melancholy during the Dolores Park movie night series….

  5. Ariel. says:

    That would be an interesting combo. I’d go.

  6. johnny0 says:

    I’d even sit in the fog and watch that.

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