Wearing Your Keys on the Outside of Your Pants

Is it any less cool if your main key opens a Camry instead of a Krypto lock?

7 Responses to “Wearing Your Keys on the Outside of Your Pants”

  1. andy says:

    Dunno… but maybe if the photo is from the Sacramento valley your fixie isn’t as useful as the camry!!

      • Andy says:

        Allan, yes I know, I lived there for four years. But I also know what festival you were at… although you can bike to Plainfield from Davis, many folks don’t. It’s a bit of a stretch going back drunk in the dark on a county road where people scream at 60+. Also, much fewer people would’ve bikes from Sac! Plus, what about folks like ourselves who came form the bay area???

        Personally, my pants are too tight to fit keys on the inside, that’s my excuse.

  2. anna says:

    i did a book on people and their keys….most people had cars..but i also lived in santa barbara at the time..and the school i went to..we “HAD” to have a car….

  3. abgisu says:

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