CONTEST: One Crazy Wet Hot American Summer

Well, it probably won’t be quite as good as this rad poster, but the Roxie, as you can see, is screening a double feature of Wet Hot American Summer and One Crazy Summer on Sunday night, July 4th, presumably to celebrate our nation’s independence.

AND you can win a pair of tickets right here, right now!

Everybody loves Wet Hot American Summer, so tell us why you love it even more than everyone else. And it can’t just be because you really really love Paul Rudd’s butt. Tell us a tale, weave us a yarn. In the comments section below.

Mission Mission and maybe Roxie staff will pick the best one and that person will get two tickets.Contest ends Friday at 5pm.

By the way, last year I interviewed some members of the State, and one of the things David Wain talked about was the downside of having made something so genius:

The typical meeting with a studio or production company would be them saying, “Wet Hot American Summer is the greatest movie ever made. We love it. We watch it every day. Now can you do something that has absolutely nothing to do with that kind of sense of humor, and make sure that there’s not a shred of your voice in it, and then we can work together?”

Bummer, right? Read on.

5 Responses to “CONTEST: One Crazy Wet Hot American Summer”

  1. el Guapo says:

    My story involves “One Crazy Summer”. While the other Summer movie is great, it does not touch Savage Steve Holland’s work. He is so talented that he is the creative mind behind the Jonas Bros. stuff on Disney. Anyways…

    In 7th grade, I saw “One Crazy Summer” for the first time at a slumber birthday party. All of the guests did. But the birthday boy did not, he had to go to bed at 10pm in his own room. WTF?!

    “Where you that boy?”

  2. danny white says:

    who made that poster? where can i get one? why must i be out of town on the 4th???

  3. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Ah, the Roxie, mixing low brow and high brow in the shadows of the worst SRO’s in the city… 24-7-365.

  4. micah says:

    We lucked out, you know? We were born at precisely the right time for sketch comedy. We got the tail end of the awesome years of SNL, we got Kids in the Hall, we got Mr. Show. But most importantly, we got The State. I’m virtually positive that our generation’s broken sense of humor has as much to do with the State then anything else.

    So given that assumption, why did over half the crowd (of 7) walk out when I saw Wet Hot American Summer on opening night. Until recently, I was convinced that no-one had ever seen it because of the lackluster response it got. While my buddy and I were literally falling out of our chairs laughing, one after another person got up, turned around, and headed for the door. They clearly wouldn’t know comedy if it punched them in the face.

    Glad to see others appreciate it as the awesome movie it is.

    Oh, and Showalter playing with the fart app on his iPhone at the midnight screening last year was pretty good too.

  5. Mullican says:

    i love hacking down on this cereal daily. one cup puffed rice cereal. cheap living, cheap living on a sailboat, can be a lot of fun…