Chicago Street Art

Dial R for RAD, am I right? What penmanship! Now how’s about some breakfast?


They’re putting on some kind of Shrek musical at some theater. Somebody had something to say about that:

Hometown hero ORFN was in town, down the block from the Michigan Avenue Apple Store:

This next scene speaks for itself I think:

7 Responses to “Chicago Street Art”

  1. Former Chi Town Resident says:

    Oh Allan,

    I’m pretty sure the “R” is for the Reader:

    • Allan Hough says:

      Oh Former Chi Town Resident,

      It’s actually just one letter in a much longer word. I forget what it was. The other letters weren’t as good. But I got a rad Reader handkerchief for signing some mailing list at Pitchfork.

  2. M.A.C. says:

    the “R” reminds me of the “fingerbang” tag I used to see all the time.

    • haute_dawg says:

      hey by any chance does anybody have any old fingerbang photos? i had a hard drive crash and lost all my archives…any help finding some would be amazing!!! thanks… fingerbang

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