World of raw AM sounds

Night Fog Reader is a new blog devoted to local independent music in San Francisco. They’ve got news and reviews, interviews and the occasional mix.

A couple weeks back, we listened to a new single by ’60s throwback Nick Waterhouse, and since then it seems Nick has put together a special mix just for Night Fog Reader readers. It’s full of a bunch of nasty vintage sounds, all ripped directly from the original vinyl. What a treat!

I’m a few songs in, and it’s sounding pretty choice so far. Click here to have a listen.

[That's a photo of Nick Waterhouse's drummer outside the Knockout last December.]

6 Responses to “World of raw AM sounds”

  1. lotus says:

    dude, just stumbled across this blog the other day. why do we need a shitty local music blog like this when i can read the bay guardian/the weekly/the chronicle/the baybridged? It sucks, it’s stale, there’s no soul in the writing, all the “articles” sound like wikipedia entries or press releases. LAME.

  2. pedro says:

    but Michelle and I started this mostly because there are some relevant music happenings that should be archived, noted, and aren’t covered by some of those publications. We also wanted to give a space for musicians to give back on a more intimate platform. the publications you listed are all great too — if you actually read the site you’d note that Michelle is a writer for The Guardian and The Chron.

  3. pedro says:

    and thanks for posting this Allan! Glad you liked the mix. we’ve got another mix coming out this week, along with some more goodies!

    - Pedro

  4. that list says:

    agreed. stale. where was the coverage when Caroliner played recently? A band that has been around for decades, is amazing and not well known and not really seeking “publication”.