There’s a new bar open on Mission Street

Word on the street is that it’s called “Mayhem,” but the signage out front is the Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem logo, so this place might be getting sued by the Muppets in a minute.

In any case, it’s in the space recently vacated by Bissap Baobab. It’s a nice place to sit and have a can of Bud on a Wednesday night:

And the people watching on Mission is pretty choice:

17 Responses to “There’s a new bar open on Mission Street”

  1. Adam says:

    Did Baobab move or did they close?

  2. Tuffy says:

    Yeah… I walked by there last night and was all “what the?” and then I stepped inside and took a quick look and immediately left because the crowd was douchetastic.

  3. kiya says:

    This is now owned by the guys that own Bullit and Tonic on Polk street.

    The bar is called Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and it’s designed by the guy that did the Zero Zero interior.

  4. Glenparker says:

    These hipsters, they’re so creative.

  5. How dare this place not be Muppet themed! Most deceptive establishment name since Hooters.

  6. The Problem with Larry says:

    Dude in the picture needs to put his finger away.

  7. Birdsvsbees says:

    Ugh, I work next to Tonic on Polk Street, and I for one can tell you that the owners are complete douche bags.

    Won’t be spending my money in that place…

  8. Your opinions are stupid. says:

    If you don’t like it, the zeitgeist is always open… Seems like a great addition to the hood, right by beauty bar and all. Im going to rainforest cafe later… Hit me up on myspace.

  9. wot_ever says:

    is that Shawn White? If so, does that finger still smell like L. Lohan!?

  10. Lafayette Bay says:

    Rainforest Cafe has the best food! The gorilla is so scary tho, LOLZ. I love this blogg because the mission district is too scuzzy to go to in person OH WELL!!!! :) xoxoxox

  11. iSai says:

    Place seriously blows.