Muni cops are posted up at Dolores Park J-Church stop writing fare evasion tickets

Beware, fare evaders!

17 Responses to “Muni cops are posted up at Dolores Park J-Church stop writing fare evasion tickets”

  1. Steve says:

    Yeah, this is kind of bullshit. Free-riders raise the cost for everyone else, and it’s not like MUNI is chock full of cash these days already. A ticket for fare evasion is a bummer but folks accept that risk when they don’t pay. You’re not being cute, you’re just helping keep costs high for everyone who pays. Basically, you suck.

    • Allan Hough says:

      I’m just saying, on a day as nice as today, don’t let your afternoon in the park start with a bummer by not paying your fare. I’m encouraging paying your fare. Suck it!

      • drip says:

        hmm, that’s kind of like someone who announces a drunk driving checkpoint saying they are discouraging drunk driving. it seems more like a way for fare evaders to choose another route and continue to dodge fares . . .

  2. Jon says:

    Go Muni! Whoohoo!

  3. jim boner says:

    Wasn’t publicized that muni cops are not real cops. They don’t have the authority to check ID’s. So when you are being asked who you are and what is your address. Any old name will suffice.

  4. hoboking says:

    Cops out at Caltrain today ticketing cyclists who so much as set one wheel on the sidewalk as well. I think there’s a push to raise revenue through fines these days.

    • tc says:

      Meaning you can’t ride on the platform? That makes perfect sense.

      • hoboking says:

        No, that’s always been strictly enforced. Meaning that turning onto the sidewalk at all to: dismount outside the dangerously congested cab zone, be a jackass, or avoid the cab line and danger of sudden turn in/outs altogether will result in a fine.

        Not saying one should ride on the sidewalk here, only saying it’s common due to the lack of enforcement of the statutes regarding blocking bike lanes and the dangerous conditions created by the bad driving and auto/bus/cab congestion there. Also noting that it hasn’t been previously ticketed.

    • Henry says:

      They have also been along Market St. giving tickets for riding into the crosswalk at a red light.

  5. Matthew says:

    Who the hell rides Muni?

  6. So… why are you blanking-out the faces of the people getting tickets? If they’re getting tickets, wouldn’t their identity be part of the public record already? I, for one, would like to be able to laugh and point at them if I see them on the street!


  7. tc says:

    I can hear them now… “aw, man, i had a transfer… i musta dropped it”