These epic-looking burgers coming to 22nd and Mission this (and every) Saturday night

Zak from the Doc’s of the Bay food truck explains:

Our brand new DPW permit is for 22nd at Mission every Saturday night, and 16th and Valencia every Sunday night. We will be using the 22nd St. location every Saturday night 6pm-1am starting next Saturday, and will be using the Valencia location starting late summer. We serve quality American comfort food on a bun, with a menu focused on what we honestly believe to be the best burger and black bean burger in the city (pictures attached), as well as our original recipe ketchup. On top of this we rotate in a classic American sandwich (right now it’s a crabcake), chocolate chip cookies, fries, and an Arnold Palmer.

Can’t wait!

28 Responses to “These epic-looking burgers coming to 22nd and Mission this (and every) Saturday night”

  1. Tiny Tim says:

    What is this obsession with tall sandwiches that are so messy to eat that they require multiple napkins, which of course, is environmentally unsound? Bring back finger foods.

    “Bigger is better.”
    –Credo of 6 of the original 13 American colonies

    (the other 7 held out for “Larger is better”)

  2. Think_For_Me says:

    Why do modern ‘foodies’ really just like shit that’s completely mundane and bad for you?

    • Laura says:

      I don’t know what you’ve been eating, but there is nothing mundane about a good hamburger.

      Also, I wouldn’t beseech anyone the right to get excited about something tasty.

      (…and WTF is a “modern foodie”? Who ever coined that as a term is officially a turd.)

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Right next to Doc’s Clock?! FUCK YEAH.

  4. Looking forward to that black bean burger, yum.

  5. Old Mission Neighbor says:


  6. wizzer says:

    Please stop using the word epic to describe anything you think is amazing.

    Cause it’s not.

  7. EH says:

    two inches in diameter, right?

  8. batman says:

    batman’s arteries will definitely have to deal with this ! LOOKS AWESOME !!!!

  9. Yea “bro”..but all you barked about was how lame the posts were, not eve