Don’t grab people

Our pal Lizzy had an upsetting thing happen the other night while trying to have a drink at Dr. Teeth:

As I walked up I was taking my ID out of my pocket to show the bouncer. He gave me an appraising look and said “you’re okay,” and gestured me to head in without really checking it. Then this guy standing next to him said “no no, wait, I’M checking IDs.” I don’t want to get into stereotypes but I’ll just say here that he looked like kind of an asshole.

Call me dumb, but it was kind of chaotic, plus I try to be polite to people working door, so I handed him my ID. A second later, someone I presume to be his friend said “no, that guy’s not checking IDs.”

So I said, “hey, give me my ID back” and reached over to grab it from his hand. He grabbed my wrist pretty hard and held my ID away from me.

I don’t really like being grabbed by big dudes — he was probably twice my size. So I yelled at him “LET GO OF MY FUCKING WRIST AND GIVE ME MY ID.”

Yeah, let go of her fucking wrist. You’re not being funny. DON’T GRAB PEOPLE.

Read on.

[Photo by Ariel Dovas]

17 Responses to “Don’t grab people”

  1. Shartfirstaskuestionslater says:

    Awesome story.

  2. GerardB. says:

    that was pretty epic.

  3. curious G says:

    Why would you categorize this post under “crime.”

  4. Greg says:

    Yeah what they said. _zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  5. Jack Walker says:

    I don’t know the owner really well (he’s bought me drinks at his bar and at another bar and we always chat) I can say he’s a good guy. I like him. I think you should tell him your tale. He’s a solid dude best I can tell. Just so you know, he’s the guy with the shaved head and the handlebar stache.

    • Lizzy Courtois says:

      Hey, no shit talk toward Dr. Teeth and their staff! My prob is totally with asshole dudes in any neighborhood anytime. Any Dr. Teeth staff I encountered were rad and kind. No complaints.

  6. gee whiz beav says:

    What is this, the Mayfield Gazette?

  7. mike says:

    dear abby, life is difficult. please advise

  8. Teotwawki Jones says:

    Poor Buffy.

  9. Abby says:

    Whaaa… someone grabbed my wrist. I better write this on my blog when I get home.

  10. butz says:

    cool story bro

  11. go for it bro says:

    slow news day

  12. No Way says:

    Must be nice having that female privilege. If you were male, you’d likely have been beaten within an inch of your life.

  13. tofutart says:

    You’re surrounded by drunk people outside a dive bar in the Mish, why are you surprised? You attract that which you surround yourself with. White people problem.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      “the Mish”? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  14. suckerpunch says:

    Wait everyone!!! Did you READ the “more”:
    “It was so weird that I didn’t even really tell my friends once I got inside but I guess looking back it was kind of upsetting.”

    She was also upset. Apparently. Later, that is.