Flaming Muni bus

[via danieltiger via Joel Cusumano]

10 Responses to “Flaming Muni bus”

  1. SFdoggy says:

    Disappointing that SF couldn’t show a little more class in victory. Some rowdiness is to be expected; torching MUNI buses is for losers.

  2. seriously. says:

    this is fucking retarded.

  3. DomPara says:

    Lets celebrate our victory over Detroit by making our city look like Detroit!

  4. Rex says:

    Where was this photo taken?

  5. JW says:

    A $700,000 city bus set afire by selfish, bored kids. Absolutely pointless, a complete waste.

  6. sfnola says:

    Celebrate your city’s championship by destroying part of it.

  7. moderniste says:

    This really does suck. I was watching a live shot of a sofa that started a really massive bonfire at Mission and 22nd (I think), and it was waaaay too much. Too much “kidz” trying to be too hardcore. The vibe in certain parts of the Mission seemed to be, “let’s party as hard as possible”, with the Giants being a mere excuse.

    Here in the Lower Haight, people noisily crowded the intersection of Fillmore and Haight and partied outside on Haight St. btwn Mad Dog, Toronado, etc for hours, but managed not to get on top of any buses, burn one down, or light any fires at all. Fun was had by lots of happy fans yelling to each other about how the game went down. Are we just hopelessly square? :(

  8. Salsa Shark says:

    SFPD posted a video of the guy setting the muni bus on fire. Anyone recognize this pyro? https://vimeo.com/52506635