Stealing someone’s bike to teach them a lesson (but leaving a nice note)

What kind of bike it was???

[via Vulcan Titties]

24 Responses to “Stealing someone’s bike to teach them a lesson (but leaving a nice note)”

  1. pdbird says:

    Just wish we could have the instagram of his/her face when they return to no bike..

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Well done!

  3. Usher says:

    Lame. This is some straight up condescending self righteous BUUULLLSHIT right here. It’s is just as bad as when people leave post it notes on cars that park too close to their precious little vehicles. Fuck that and fuuuucccck you. A stolen bike would have been a better lesson.

    • Mr. Blank says:

      I’ll take being condescended to over having my bike stolen, because I drunkenly locked it up improperly, any day.

    • jcasetnl says:

      Yeah. Dude could have easily drawn a picture of how to properly lock it. Stealing it and then leaving a “you’re welcome” just has douche written all over it.

      Sounds like the kind of person who’s a total cycling know-it-all, but you could probably break into his car, apartment, email and bank accounts inside of a minute.

    • yeah says:

      I did this to a guy once but I forgot to leave him a note. So the next day I posted it on Craigslist. I ended up making $100 off the thing. I pretty sure the guy who bought it was the original owner though…so it all worked out.

  4. Ashleyanne says:

    Usher, I like the cut of your jib.

  5. Anne Marie says:

    please to passive aggressive

  6. scum says:

    You are a bunch of loosers.

  7. JeffB says:

    I find it more interesting that the people working at Zeitgeist allowed someone to leave an unlocked bicycle inside their bar.

  8. JeffB says:

    Yes, I have, many times. I live half a block from there. Your point?

  9. KyleM says:

    Once a guy rode on the side walk up behind me and cut me off as I was walking with this lady friend. He jumps off the bike, just leaves it against the wall, and walks in the a store. The lady and I both agreed I should just jump on it and ride away. I didn’t just because I didn’t want to leave her alone.

    • redseca2 says:

      You should always carry a cheap old lock with you that you don’t want. That way, you could have safely locked their bike up for them and rthne walked home with your lady friend.

    • pdbird says:

      so you shoulda stole someones bike?Hmmmm ok?

  10. CR says:

    If this were my bike, I would feel stupid and very grateful. The people at Zeitgeist have a reputation to uphold, they can’t be too nice about it.