Z Dating Game: The Mission version of the classic gameshow

Looks like the Z Space team is putting their new downstairs theater to  good use:

From San Francisco, the dating capital of the world, it’s Z Dating Game: a show in which finding love means never having to say “I do.”

Z Dating Game is the show that brings together three eligible singles and one lucky bachelor(ette) and gives him or her a chance to question potential dates, then choose an escort for a great night out at a local hot spot. There’s only one hitch, they never have the least idea who they’re talking to.

Featuring a slew of local and sexy singles, plenty of beer, and hosted by Rob Ready of local comedy group PianoFight, Z Dating Game brings a blast from courting past firmly into the dating future.

Happening in Z Below, Z Dating Game promises a night of flirting, fun, and foxy singles with too much beer not to get a phone number.

Advance tickets here.

8 Responses to “Z Dating Game: The Mission version of the classic gameshow”

  1. Suitor Number Three, what would our first date be like?

    “Well, uh, first I’d take you shopping to stores you wanna shop in, and then we’d do a little lunch, probably at the Cheese Haus, followed by some golfing. And then at night, we’d take in an opera, probably Die Fledermaus, and then I’d follow it up with a drive to a secluded beach where I’d pop on the radio and we could SLOW DANCE UNTIL THE SUN CAME UP.”

  2. Bordash says:

    so now when are they doing an actual mission dating game show? that will draw some big crowds.

    • Z Space says:

      But that’s exactly what we’re doing! The contestants are all people from the neighborhood.

      It’s only $5.00 (in advance), and the beer will be cheap and plentiful.

      Hope to see there.

  3. Salt inhaler says:

    Nice show buddies