Climbing bridges

The internet is abuzz with talk of those illegal or dangerous photos someone took atop the Golden Gate Bridge, but get this: in Sydney, you can climb the Harbour Bridge anytime you want! (Granted, it’s no Golden Gate, but it’s a pretty serious bridge and it’s a pretty serious climb, and the views are gorgeous. And there are no earthquakes. Highly recommended.)

Here are some happy climbers on the summit:

Visit BridgeClimb Sydney for more info.

[Bridge photo by the Telegraph]

3 Responses to “Climbing bridges”

  1. Chris Lloyd says:


  2. Under the roo says:

    They charge a lot of money to do that. A LOT. And you gotta wear a safety harness. No base jumping.

  3. Andy says:

    Did this yesterday, just got back home to SF this morning (4 hours earlier than when I left). Yeah…cost can be prohibitive, but you learn a lot, they’re top notch tour guides and it’s worth doing once. You could probably ditch the harness and base jump if you really wanted to, but the harbor’s pretty sharky…