The Bay Bridged says the SF music scene is ‘Not Dead Yet’

The popular local music entity presents the evidence in a lengthy and heartfelt blog post, which is also the official announcement about this upcoming festival:

10 Responses to “The Bay Bridged says the SF music scene is ‘Not Dead Yet’”

  1. Mark says:

    Jesus christ who the f- is “they” saying the music scene is dead. People move out and people move in, always have, always will. Maybe one of these ham fisted music blogs like bay bridged or sf weekly should do a feature on useless eaters, a great band that moved here from nashville several months ago?

  2. Sam says:

    Shit, deafheaven had one of the highest rated albums of last year, avclub, pitchfork, etc…

    That said, how could a band possibly afford rents here? I would be in Oakland or Portland if I was trying to seriously be in a band. Though deafheaven manages it I guess

  3. Leyla Gulen 7 says:

    Deafheaven hardly plays out – what kind of scene contrib is that?

  4. m says:

    There is no excuse to legitimately be into Deafheaven if you are out of high school. Please do not include them in this discussion. There are bands who form to play music and be part of a strong community / help it grow and there are bands who form solely to be worshipped by 17 year old girls. Deafheaven is the latter.

    There are dozens of great hardcore bands around the bay – they just aren’t part of the $5 neon wayfarer crowd and thus are not covered by large SF blogs.

    Everyone complaining about the lack of music should either go back to their Coachella Pandora stations or, hey, why not start your own band?

    Also, anyone involved in any music scene ever knows they’re cyclical. Fear not, another awful Oh Sees type band will come along…

    Basically, lol @ myself for caring enough to write that.

    • Sam says:

      Yea that was fairly absurd. The writers of avclub could hardly be considered ’17 year old girls’. You can be a scenester and stick to real hardcore bands, or you can appreciate something new.

    • umm says:

      one day you will reach an age when your musical tastes won’t be defined by who ‘contribute to a strong community’ or whatever but whether or not you like the sound of the music. it’s okay, you will probably live in San Jose or Marin by then.

  5. sooooooo van ness says:

    Yet implies soon…or eventually. I can never see that happening. Have you got your passes for SF popfest 2014 yet????!!!