An explanation

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By the excellent local blog anadromy:

Dear Woman Who Parked on a Hill on Castro Street Yesterday,

I was coming back from the gym and still had my headphones in my ears when I saw you pull into the parking spot, so I didn’t hear that your car’s engine was still running when you got out and closed the door. It looked like you were walking away from your car instead of simply checking to make sure your rear bumper wasn’t sticking over the crosswalk. I swear I wasn’t trying to be a condescending jerk by cheerfully reminding you to turn your wheels as I walked by and I could plainly see that you, ‘Knew how to fucking drive.’ I misread the situation and was just trying to keep you from getting an expensive parking ticket.


The Accidental Man-splainer in the Santa Cruz Hoodie

[link] [Photo by salenoy]

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