80s movie filmed in the Mission shows what the neighborhood used to look like before all of us hipsters ruined it

All of your nostalgic comments pertaining to the demise of Giant Value seems to have elicited a similar reaction from distinguished reader David, who contacted us with a blast from the past:

All this recent talk of thieves on roofs and yesteryear’s Mission (Value Giant) makes me think of Crackers, that 80s B movie caper flick starring Donald Sutherland and a young Sean Penn and set on 24th and Alabama, right where Discolandia would later come and go.  Recently found the whole movie on YouTube.  Really fun to pick out the shops that are still here (hey Casa Lucas!).

Wow, he’s right!  And look, just down the street is La Palma (only the best place to buy tortillas en todo el mundo)!  If the avocados at Casa Lucas are sometimes 5 for a dollar these days, I wonder how cheap they were in the 80s?  Anyway, let us know what other spots are to be found after you watch the whole thing here: