UPDATE: Mr. Pickle to be Voluntarily Returned?

Mr. Pickles: Yahoo Cracking Down

Shortly after thaddius_larue tipped us off that someone at Yahoo was looking into the identity of the “The Pickler,” we received detailed account information from a tipster at Yahoo, including name, address and telephone number.  Our source has suggested that the alleged kidnapper once resided in Foster City and is presently employed by a San Francisco Tattoo studio.  This information is yet to be substantiated.  Additionally, Mission Mission has the thief’s Comcast Cable address.

Soon after we received the information, “The Pickler” claimed that he would return Mr. Pickle:

“ill return it jeez, just a prank that has gone too far. never intended to harm him, just found him out on the street at 11 at night and thought it would be funny. he will be home very very soon.”

It appears the saga is nearing its conclusion.  Hopefully we will see our friend on SVN once again.