Bike Polo

Flickr user keightdee saw some dudes playing bike polo in one of Dolores Park’s tennis courts recently. Lots more photos in her photostream. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

6 Responses to “Bike Polo”

  1. Dana says:

    Are they practicing for the Olympics in 2012? Will this be a new sport added for the London games?

  2. A friend of mine plays every… Tuesday I think in Golden Gate Park.

  3. Holy Moses, hi Mission Mission. Thanks for featuring my polo shots on your blog! I read when I can – and imagine my surprise, rolling up on this.

  4. Yell says:

    Monday nights, I think? Dolores.

  5. Every Monday from 7 – 10, yeah.

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  7. Doug D says:

    Chicago just held the NACCC tournament with 35 teams (of 3) from 20 cities from all over N. America. Ottawa won.

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