Start By Cutting The Rabbit's Face Off (Meave, Please Don't Read This)

Apologies to the squeamish, but I feel I must link to this riveting post by chef/blogger Ryan Farr. It is a step-by-step photo essay detailing the making of a Rabbit Head and Lengua Terrine. It starts out horrifying and ends up making my mouth water. Just like many of the best things in life. Link.

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13 Responses to “Start By Cutting The Rabbit's Face Off (Meave, Please Don't Read This)”

  1. I think you just made me into a vegetarian.

  2. Jenn says:

    yeah thats pretty ill. At least it’s not winking at us ;)

  3. plebiscite says:

    Whoa, the snow is so cool. I want snow. Ryan Farr is a dude of the universe.

  4. johnny0 says:

    And this is why I have other people make me food — not because it’s gross, but because it’s hard and takes time. I had to clean a bunch of quail when I was 10 — that was annoyingly difficult. And then there’s the 200 pound halibut that I helped fillet up in Alaska — about the size of the third place catch here — that took hours. And hours. Oh, and we had to shoot the damn thing with a 9mm to get it in the boat. (That was surprise #2 — surprise #1 was the captain pulling out a 9mm…) Surprise #3 was it kept flopping for 4 hours on the way back into Valdez where we had to shoot it again. And it was fun to fillet since it was about -70 degrees on the inside. But damn did it taste good. Sorry for the digression.

    I like the christmas present idea.

    • Joanna says:

      Goodness, Johnny, your post was so entertaining, DH and I laughed until there were tears; my side is killing me from splitting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. johnny0 says:

    Good god, check out the turducken cross section. That is beautiful.

    Any pictures of the snow? All I can find is this.

  6. zinzin says:

    huh. funny…i think the turducken pic is by far the ickiest (no offense johnny0). my fave pic is the foie torchon. it’s wine, not blood.

    one time i was on a tuna charter off Long Island and we had 3 japanese dudes with us. my friend is the captain and we hook a huge tuna….fucker is like 8 feet long and 8 feet around in the middle. over 500lbs. this is over 20 years ago…and it’s different now. fewer big fish. anyways, same deal with the 9 / continued flipping. the 9 is really just a tranquilizer on a thing that big. and a fun thing to pop off out in the middle of the ocean. so after we haul the thing on and pop one in its brain (hours later), japanese guy cuts bloody toro sashimi right there on the boat…living fish. washes it off with ocean water. tasted good.

    i love a good fish story that also has handguns in it.

  7. Karen says:

    If you want a sneak preview of the bacon snow, go look in the window of Lung Shan–Anthony accidentally left the container on the counter. The whole menu is Ryan’s except the king trumpet sandwich and the pecan pie/bacon snow dessert, which are MSF productions.

  8. sangroncito says:


  9. Sam says:

    My wife and I have two pet rabbits at home…egads.

    That photo is totally unnecessary!

  10. Sam says:

    They are great pets BTW. Pretty much like having a cat.

  11. carlione says:

    that is horbil