The Future of Journalism in San Francisco


C.W. Nevius is like, “Harrumph harrumph harrumph,” and I’m all, “Sorry, busy aggregating,” and then Eve Batey says some stuff that makes us all feel better. Link.

6 Responses to “The Future of Journalism in San Francisco”

  1. zinzin says:

    meh. print papers – particularly those as poor as the chron – are a dying breed. would be weird to live in a city without a daily, though. other hand, who really gives a fuck? anyone actually read the chron print edition? i just canceled mine, which i’ve been getting out of habit forever… but i still get sunday. you know, for beetle bailey and family circus in color.

    viva aggregators.

  2. you’re an idiot, foool. there wont be anything for you to aggregate. i hope the chron begins to charge people for their online content. mission mission should survive that but it should strive for more original reporting, instead of its usual retarded rants or ‘hey look what i say today’ garbage. this is jose and i just give you the true straight up.

  3. Brock says:

    i love when nevius steals blog posts from local site for his “column.”

    original reporting = no hyperlinks. ta-da.

  4. generic says:

    People are crazy/hungry for Eve Batey.

  5. C. says:

    cbs5 had to let go one of its own ‘g’ agggggggregators. (this instance of the word was previously aggregated four times before i used it here.)
    i never forget the morning i was sitting at a bagel shop with a buddy who has issues with (among other apparently real things in san francisco) the chronicle. two guys sitting near us were reading the chronicle and making fun of it. we were like, “ha ha – yeah, they call it ‘the comical’. so where are you from?”, and they were like “calgary!”, and my friend was like, “see!!! even people from CANADA make fun of the chronicle!! i am not wrong!!!!!!!!!!”