Swine So Fine


I’ve been eating these chicharrones all week long. At once fluffy and crisp, like a flash-fried cumulus cloud, they are the new San Francisco treat. They go good with tuna sandwiches, with meatloaf sandwiches, with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and they’re good all by their lonesomes.

The ingredients as listed on the package are pork, chili, sugar and salt. But each one of these melt-on-your-tongue little wonders is more than the sum of its parts. There’s a magic ingredient I think we all like to call Ryan Farr, and Chris has words for him:

Ryan says he’s taking the recipe to the grave, which just means I’ll have to kill him and extract the recipe then.

Conversely, rather than resorting to murder, one could simply visit 4505 Meats for a list of local outlets at which they’re carried. In any case, watch your back, Chef.

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4 Responses to “Swine So Fine”

  1. audrey says:

    gimme gimme gimme!

  2. Lindylula says:

    As a Mexican and a member of this neighborhood I would like to warn all you white folks out there- Dude! inhaling chicharron dust into your windpipe is gnarly!

  3. sangroncito says:

    yummy yummy! but bad for my arteries!

  4. [...] are so much more than those weird styrofoam-textured things you find in plastic bags at Safeway. As Mission Mission puts it, the ingredients in 4505 Meats’ creation are simple but somehow add up to so much [...]

  5. daylurker says:

    glad we’re all staying high on the hog in one way or another.