San Carlos Street Light Buttons


I saw this and went “WHOA.” I looked behind me and saw the windows from which they’re reflected:


Unassuming windows, right? But a ton of the windows down San Carlos between 19th and 20th, at just the right time of day, make these light buttons. Wow:


3 Responses to “San Carlos Street Light Buttons”

  1. Ariel. says:

    That’s awesome, because that’s where the Electric Lady Project used to be. I think that’s what it was called.

  2. marc says:

    i rode out the earthquake next door to that apt building @ 112 San Carlos 20 years ago..

    after the quake, i had a laser that i’d acquired from a university i used to work for.

    when the neighborhood kids were playing on the sidewalks after the quake, i’d use our source of power and carefully put the beam on the sidewalk and make then chase after it.when they tried to get their parents to notice, the beams would just disappear!

    the north mission rocks!

  3. Ariel. says:

    Well, the Electric Lady Project was some chick projecting film out of her window across the street onto that wall. So we have three (3) separate recorded instances where light was successfully used on that corner to stop people in their tracks.

    This is why we have blogs.