Dolores Park Goes To Stockholm


I look at the pretty pictures on Stockholm By Pixels just about every day. Usually their stuff feels pretty professional, so I was stopped in my tracks by this decidedly lo-res shot of a very Dolores-looking park.

The copy corroborates the similarity:

It’s that time of the year when the kids start partying in Tantolunden (Aunty O’s grove). Beer, wine, barbecue, large music machines and what not. Summer is close.


Summer is close!

4 Responses to “Dolores Park Goes To Stockholm”

  1. johnny0 says:

    Hey, they have graffiti too! If you turn your head just right, it kind of looks like a giraffa-ribity chimera… (Hmmm, on second glance, I think it’s a squirrel wearing a crown.)

  2. brian says:

    “large music machines” … awesome

  3. a_native_son says:

    Sat through “Madagascar” last night at the park. The steady wind was only about, oh, I’d say 30mph or so. Summer? Not until the fog rolls in, it ain’t!

  4. JoeConatser says:

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