Mission District Sugar Rails

Yesterday the S.F. Chronicle published a piece detailing the “Mission District Sugar Trail.”  Nothing too interesting there, it is just a standard list of the usual sugar haunts: Bi-Rite Creamery, St. Francis, Mission Pie, Tartine etc.  The major note is that now, according to Eater SF, there is “a fun new term” for “the veritable explosion of sweets offerings in the Mission.”

Mission Sugar Trail

Maybe I am missing something here, but this does not look like a trail.  It looks like two lines.  We can do better than this.


"The Mission District Sugar Rails." Not only is it edgy but it is Mission-relevant as a popular district remedy for drowning out the pain of working at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway.

3 Responses to “Mission District Sugar Rails”

  1. Shane! says:

    How about a tribute to Sheena Easton? We could call them the Mission District Sugar Walls.

  2. Neo Displacer says:

    Dude I used to work in Mt View, once at SGI when the google HQ was called farmer’s field, because a farmer was still growing stuff there. Again later at Verisign where there still is a remnant of an apricot orchard. It assuredly sucks, but you can always go to the brass rail at lunch for titties and beer or get a decent burger at kal’s. There’s still a few surplus shops around too if you like to tinker. Just do me a favor and lay off the cocaine, a nice whiskey cocktail when you get home will take the edge off.