Fixies Over?

Jessica Brooke says:

Maybe the hipsters will start roller skating again now that Urban’s selling fixies. Or ride Segways. Whichever’s least cool to “consumers”


That’s right, Urban Outfitters has entered the bike market.

4 Responses to “Fixies Over?”

  1. jacobe says:

    They are just reselling another online track bike builder…

    It would be REALLY over, if they were their brand/build…

    It’s all for profit people, calm down.

  2. lizzielove says:

    I wonder if Republic is getting their fair share. UO is notorious for soliciting work from designers & artists, then copying their design & fabricating overseas for cheap.

  3. jimbeam says:

    Will this lead to “Mocking Fixies Over?” I hope so.

  4. K. Holden says:

    They’re not fixies unless they don’t have breaks. That’s where the ubercool hipster vibe comes from: danger. Duh.

    Per the UO specs: “Brakes: C-Star alloy dual pivot calipers with cam action cable tension release, alloy lever, plastic base.”

    For pussies, obvi. Gossssssh!