SFPD Officer Threatens to Break a Skateboarder's Arm, Allegedly Kicks Him Into Cruiser

break your arm like a twig

"Resist again, and I'm going to break your arm like a twig. And then you can treat me like the asshole you think I am."

I cannot embed the video because WordPress is awful blogging software, but you can watch the video of Officer Schwab 2099 being rather aggressive here.  In all fairness, the skateboarder created a situation where one did not appear to exist, but shouldn’t police officers rise above petty insults and not abuse their power?

52 Responses to “SFPD Officer Threatens to Break a Skateboarder's Arm, Allegedly Kicks Him Into Cruiser”

  1. [...] Of all the places one would not expect to find this video filmed, skaters in San Francisco filmed this exchange between a young skater and SFPD Officer Schwab, 2099.  Thanks to Mission Mission for the find. [...]

  2. JustsayinYo says:

    The guy was actually well within his duty and was trying to deal pretty well with an escalating situation without backup. They were literally surrounding and harassing the guy and interfering with him safely executing his job. Were there backup all those jokers should have been cited.

    • Michael says:

      Schwab started the whole mess by asking if the kid had a headache. He’s is a dick.What video did you watch or are you a lying dick too? Taxes hard at work!!LOL Arrest that ass for threatening.

    • bbbb says:

      what escalating situation you moron. the kid said he was a dick and the cop escalated. get your head out of your ass you hillbilly

  3. missionite says:

    he threatened to break the kid’s arm. i’m not how that’s part of a cop’s job. that sounds like assault and battery to me, and he should be arrested and thrown in jail.

    with the police failing to stop gang violence in the mission, i guess they’re too wimpy to go after the real criminals and want to pick on kids.

    • JustsayinYo says:

      Hmmmm. Don’t get me wrong, although often called for to illicit compliance threatening is necessary, I can’t condone this use. But arrest for battery? And you went to Heald School of Law, right?

      Rule #7: At all times, be friendly and respectful toward a police officer.

      • Sean says:

        Rule #7 my ass. While that might be a good rule of thumb, Contempt of Cop is not a crime.

      • JustsayinYo says:

        ‘Contempt of cop’ is just fine and dandy, ya git. Just keep your bloody mouth shut.

        It’s common sense that for some reason you’re not understanding. Which tells us that you’re one that can’t shut it.

        ‘Oh, he says I have to be nice to cops so he must be one of “them.” So what he says is invalid.’

        Bloody hell you americans are dense.

      • jimbeam says:

        Here’s my (law student) perspective:

        The kid should keep his mouth shut. You don’t have to say anything to a cop besides provide ID, so don’t.

        The cop was out of line with the level of threat. Could it possibly be tortious? Maybe, but I wouldn’t take the case on commission. Is it illegal? Maybe technically (although I’d doubt it), but no DA or grand jury is going to find the cop worth prosecuting.

      • Michael says:

        F the police, my rule #7 At all times I have the freedom to say anyone is a dick without fear of arrest. You dick!

      • jimbeam says:

        You certainly have the right to respond to a police officer however you want. But, the cop can still arrest you, hassle you, etc. without any real legal consequences.

  4. sutured says:

    Is it really illegal to skateboard in San Francisco? That seems like a ridiculous law, and it’s obviously very selectively enforced.

  5. rajer says:

    in my experiences with cops+skating, no matter how much of a dick the cop is, being polite/apologetic usually=getting a warning or some shit

  6. Robb Ury says:

    The cop is clearly antigonizing the kid. If his sole purpose was to cite a skater, then he could have easily done so. Instead, he goads Junior again and again. Most cops are bullies, and this guy fits the stereotype to a “T”. “Do you understand the charges brought against you?”, what an asshole, “Do you?”. He insists that the kid answer his bullsh!t question. At worst, this was a cite and release. The cop created his own situation.

  7. Mission Mistaken says:

    Can anyone figure out where that is exactly? We have had an uptick lately of kids being particularly obnoxious with their boarding, which considering they have a great skate park close by, is lame. And by obnoxious I mean intentionally acting provocative toward everyone else.

    The common thread here is “dick.” Except for the one chick who appears to wish she had one.

  8. Sheabones says:

    Mission pigs truly suck (they can’t even keep 14 year olds in oversized trousers from killing people), but this kid was clearly blowing it…though Brooklyn pigs would’ve knocked a few teeth out from his sass-mouth.

  9. Juanpablo says:

    Justsayiny0, you are pretty fucking dumb. You call that situation escalating? Literally, surrounding him? Grow up. Here in California, where you are obviously not from, we don’t put up with asshole, over-aggressive cops. I really like how all the people that defended the cop in this comment section referenced some other place (via ‘bloody americans’ and ‘brooklyn cops’) as if we’re supposed to have asshole cops here just because they exist elsewhere.

    • pete says:

      First off, while the cop wasn’t extremely pleasant, neither was the kid. Neighbors had called to complain about these kids — they were pulling up some city grate or something. Here in California, where I was born and raised (and you?) we have a bunch of “progressive” carpetbaggers coming in and defending the actions of some dumb-ass foul mouthed punk kid who’s got no respect for the law or the property of others. I watched the video, and I the officer wasn’t being rough with this kid at all. The problem is sometimes the cops, but clearly the problem also stems from disrespectful punks, and neighbors with a “cops are always bad” attitude that must make policing here in SF a hell of a thankless job. The police are human, and they must get a lot of these foul-mouthed punks mouthing off because they know that the progressive fringe will make a huge scene in their defense if a cop so much as calls the kid out for what he is — a disrespectful asshole.

    • JustsayinYo says:

      Born and raised northern california and I bet I have a good 20 years on yeh.

      People do live here from other parts of the world. Really, they do. And if using the term “bloody americans” leads you to the defense that because I’m from somewhere else I can’t relate then you must be as bright as a bag of wet hair – proving my point.

  10. pete says:

    We should not put up with asshole cops but a cop should put up with an asshole kid. I would hardly call it battery since threatening to break the kid’s arm IF he doesn’t shape up isn’t quite the same as actually breaking his arm. The cop-haters on this board seem to think it’s all fine and dandy to uncivil and then expect to be treated with civility in return. If this kid wants respect he should earn it.

    • pete says:

      First sentence should read as a question — “We should not put up with asshole cops, but a cop should put up with an asshole kid?”

    • Milton Burl says:

      Aggressive douchebags often (but not always, Officer Cool, I know you’re out there.) become cops. That PO is not a rookie, though. It pays to expect to be treated uncivily by 50 and counter with unbreakable civility – they hate that, but it almost always results in personal and financial freedom. Some kids learn how to work it, some get sent back to Sebastapol.

  11. natoma_head says:

    elephant in the room: privileged white kids complaining about police brutality cuz a cop ‘threatened’ to break a trouble maker’s arm. um… right.

    holla back when you are pulled over for no other reason than being black & fitting ‘the profile’; are pulled out of your car by force, thrown to the ground, had a knee drilled to ur back while your car is illegally searched.

    or when you are pulled out of bart and shot in the back.

    please, this idiot kid needed to be ‘threatened’.

  12. Shouldnt B. Readingthisblog says:

    I’m a skater and a survivor…you need to play the game with the pigs…that kid was showing off for his bros, hit a foul and tilted the table in the cops favor. Game Over. Citizens are dumbasses who always think they have some kind of “rights”. Bullshit. Grow up and fight the system from within. Say a couple of “yes officers” and keep skating everywhere and fuck shit up. That kid had it coming – the cop was not too bad for a cop, believe that.

    • Cops should obey the law. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miranda_warning

      I also didn’t see how the skater was resisting arrest. The officer was out of line, in my opinion.

    • fellow_skater says:

      I mostly agree with you, when it happens to me I just do my best to get out without a ticket and keep skating. The kid acted like an idiot.

      That said, the cop is clearly a real pussy for acting the way he did. If as a police officer you get all worked up from some wimpy white kid calling you a “dick” well, I’d say you are not a dick but a pussy.

      • jimbeam says:

        He doesn’t need to read him his Miranda rights until he actually takes the kid into custody and makes an arrest. If he’s not planning on arresting him then he doesn’t need to read him his rights. You don’t need to have Miranda read to you before being issued a citation. (Also, see the part on the wikipedia page about stop and identify laws).

        This is also something that isn’t technically illegal in any given moment, but instead is used to judge whether evidence was fairly collected when the issue comes up in court.

  13. Chris O says:

    Agreed it’s pretty amazing that there’s no skateboarding allowed in SF.

    The cop was just following up on a complaint called in from a citizen. Before that idiot mouthed off, it seemed like he was just going to issue warnings (maybe maybe a ticket). I think the cop was pretty rational about the whole thing. Certainly not abusive.

    Kid deserved what he got — don’t mouth off to cops!

    • fellow_skater says:

      Makes no sense really.

      I’ve had crack dealing happening on my sidewalk and I know my neighbor called the police and they didn’t even drive by, yet they’ll go check out some skaters? I think the cop was probably just making up the comment about the call. Obviously I don’t know shit about what really happen, but no way the cops respond to every call and I would assume they have more serious calls than some annoying skateboarders.

      I can agree the kid was acting like an asshole though, pretty stupid to mouth off to a bully with a gun :)

  14. G_B says:

    Let’s be clear about what we know here: An ADULT peace officer threatened to break the arm of a KID.
    There are many ways the officer could have responded to the kid’s disrespect without threatening violence.
    We should be able to depend on our public servants to do their job with a little more professionalism.

  15. pat says:

    Surly teens + insecure probable rookie = a bunch of yelling. Kids shoulda shut up and let the cop give warnings. It’s understandable that he started thumping his chest when he was outnumbered and although he did it like an aggressive douchebag and the threat was inappropriate, it doesn’t look like there was any real abuse here.

  16. Teve Torbes says:

    There was no indication of violence being displayed towards the officer. Why would he threaten violence against non violence? Then to kick the subject. No need for any of it. And I don’t know where it says in any legislation that you have to be respectful of a police officer while an investigation (ie; Was the kid actually skatinboarding, and was he actually pulling up “grates”.) is being conducted. He does have the right to be silent. But that refers to comments made that directly relate to the investigation. He is there to find out the facts of the case. The kid calling the officer a dick is not related to him skatingboarding. If the officer was offended, he could have just as easily read the kid his Miranda, cuffed him, and put him in the car and drove to the station without saying anything else. No threats, no kicking and no violence. Then there wouldn’t be video of him threating to break a kid’s arm all over the internet.

  17. ReZident says:

    based on what cops usually have to deal with, I think this guy was actually pretty even tempered. the video shows him trying to cut the kids a break. then some little dick who was acting up for the camera got what was coming to him for trying to out tough a cop.

    sorry but SFPD for the win on this one.

    I think I’m actually more surprised that skateboarding is illegal in SF?!

    That seems to be enforced as well as the laws against public intoxication, drug use, drug dealing, prostitution…..you get the picture.

    Are there actually any cops in this city? You wouldn’t know it by the complete lack of presence or enforcement of shit that goes down in the Mission hourly.

    maybe that’s a good thing. it’s like the Wild West out here!

    A homeless, crack addicted hipster tagger melting pot of a Wild West.

    pew, pew!

    • Milton Burl says:

      Actually I must object – there are LOTS of cops in the Mission, and just like the popular myth, they are undercover. There are the obvious Jocks with Tattoos cops, but there are much more clever officers out especially when there is a sweep going on…pushing shopping carts, driving Child Molester vans, riding unmarked bikes (horrors), etc. This is all stuff I’ve seen recently, as a bust erupts right by me by undercovers first backed up by the boys in the blue Crown Vic and finally the B&Ws. They are watching more than you think, but often you are not that interesting drinking your beer, smoking your blunt, catchin your tag – roll of the dice whether they take you down. There are also beat cops in uniform at 3am – that’s really disturbing.

  18. freakbeatfuzz says:

    I’m surprised the cop could be bothered to get out of his car. Usually SFPD drives by everything happening. The kid totally blew it by mouthing off but the cop’s threat to break his arm was totally inappropriate.

  19. mcas says:

    You all are failing to address what the real issue is– threatening to break an arm (especially couched in ‘stop resisting’ isn’t going to get him in trouble or called to task)….

    At the end of the video, 2 witnesses say they say Officer Schwab, 2099 kick the kid while he was in handcuffs. That’s unnecessary use of force– and should/could be taken to OCC for it.

    File reports whenever cops are inappropriate here: http://www.sfgov.org/site/occ_index.asp

  20. Scott says:

    You people complaining about an adult threatening to beat up a kid need to watch the video again, turn up the volume on your computer, and listen closely. In the beginning of the video, Officer Schwab radios in the “kid’s” name and date of birth. Some of it is unintelligible, but the “kid” was born in 1986, which makes him an adult, not a minor, and certainly old enough to know better.

    That said, I don’t think that the cop did anything wrong. Skateboarding on the sidewalk is illegal. He probably would have given a warning and let the “kid” go if the “kid” had not mouthed off to him. The reason for the arrest, from what I have read elsewhere, is that the “kid” did not have identification on him.

  21. guero says:

    well…I don’t think it was a threat. The man was resisting arrest. The officer attempted to cuff him and he pulled his arm away. Now the officer, has every right to restrain him. If he fights back, the officer can do whatever he needs to in order to get him cuffed. The man can cooperate or he can be Billy Badass and get his arm broken in the process. It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. This officer gave this idiot chances all up and down the street. As for the kicking (which we don’t see), that officer can use his hands, his feet, his legs or whatever else to get this man, who is resisting, to get in the patrol car. You think this officer is going to threaten people and beat them for shits and giggles in broad daylight in San Francisco of all places? Come on. This officer just wanted to check for warrants or records and just cite or warn these guys and get back to real work. If these people want to complain about it, they have every right. I don’t see anything wrong here. It’s a righteous arrest. There is real unjustice here in the Mission, I think the people with the lipstick cams and smart-ass mouths should go out and find it somewhere else.

  22. j dunn says:

    tough-guy cop was an ego-tripping jerk. for what reason was he ridiculing and baiting the kid, other than to provoke a response? (excedrin, ashamed of yourself, etc.) granted, dumb move for the kid to call mr.tough cop what he did, but psycho-cop lost it — kid wasn’t ‘resisting’ when the cop threatened to break his arm like a twig, but psycho-cop knows he can claim that there was resistance, and no one would believe otherwise.. note how tough-cop chided the onlookers saying ‘go ahead and file a complaint’ — he knows that citizens complaints are a waste of time, cops face no consequences (the ‘brothers-in-blue’ always protect one of their own)…
    you-tubed, caught on tape being a total jerk, lying about it for all to see, it’s these LEO’s who give them all a bad name…

  23. Nicole says:

    This kid is a punk, just like most of the teenage skateboarding trash encountered at the mall here in California that I work at. These kids have zero respect for authority, and that officer was just using a scare tactic, and the kid sure as hell earned it. Maybe if his parents had taught him some manners and common courtesy, he wouldn’t have broken rules requiring an officer’s presence. The little prick deserved what he got, and shame on people for saying “poor teenager”. He’s obviously a spoiled brat that needed to be put in his place. You should see the blatant disrespect the skateboarders show to security in San Diego, it’s disgusting. When these kids break the rules, I say confiscate their boards, and make the parents come pick them up. Make the kids have to answer for what they are doing and MAYBE they’ll lose their self entitled attitude and shape up!

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  25. nicky papers says:

    hey nicole! eat a dick.

  26. fuck all of you says:

    fuck you, this cop is a dick, all of you are idiots, we have right to speech, the kid was skateboarding, thia fucking cop needs to be handling a real crime, like drugs i bet right down the street, kids are passing up joints and shooting up heroin and this cop is worrying about skateboarders, its not fucking illegal to skate in the entire city of san fransico or anywhere, fuck COPS

  27. disgusted blueline says:

    Blatant threatening to break the kid’s arm. Totally illegal.

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