Beauty Bar Raising the Roof



Jeff over at Spots Unknown was able to peep the remodeling.  Maybe higher ceilings will help make the place less of a clambake?


6 Responses to “Beauty Bar Raising the Roof”

  1. thetens says:

    The Beauty Bar is always kinda douche-y, but I generally had fun going there. Raising the roof doesn’t seem to solve the main problem of way-too-crowdedness though.

  2. Eric says:

    Instead of checking IDs at the door, they should just look at you and determine if you’re a douchebag. If you are, then you’re directed to Medjool. Otherwise you’re welcome to come in.

  3. SlobDog says:

    Might help with the heat in there.

  4. henry says:

    last night was the reopening. Definitely a douche-y scene. I suppose to be expected during an anniversary party and free rum from 9-10. Weekdays and depending on the DJ it can be fun. Weekends = hell no

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  6. aidan says:

    maybe now it will stop smelling like piss in there

  7. peter says:

    Got there at 9:30 for the advertised free drinks, only to hear that it was “just a promotional thing, and we ran out.” Like their clientele: douchebags.