Spring is Here

…according to Mollie C, whose photo here makes me want to sprint to the nearest Walgreens and load up on Advil Allergy Sinus. How’s everybody feel?

7 Responses to “Spring is Here”

  1. sexdork says:

    I was suffering last week (itchy eyes, snotty nose, scratchy throat) but feel great today. I found that I have more symptoms indoors than out, which sux for me since I work from home!

    • sexdork says:

      oops – didn’t realize I was logged in w this acct. please feel free to delete my comments since the blog i’m running on wordpress is less than family friendly. didn’t mean to spam.

  2. Todd X. says:

    Terrible. I thought it was allergies and now I think I have a cold on top of it. Spring is currently unwelcome.

  3. Mollie c says:

    You guys are pussies