Young and Broke (But Not Too Broke)

Nicole (not pictured) got in touch using our Introduce Yourself page to ask for some help:

My name’s Nicole and I’m young and broke (but not too broke) and looking for a cool place to crash in the Mission over summa since I’ll be working on Valencia! Help a sister out.

Link. Who wants her!?

NOTE: Nicole does not mention whether she is beautiful or not, so we cannot say for sure whether she should own a Broke-Ass Stuart Young, Broke and Beautiful Tote Bag or not.

Photo of someone named Nicole by melsavers.

One Response to “Young and Broke (But Not Too Broke)”

  1. Neo Displacer says:

    There’s a flat being Ellis cleared you could squat at. Just gotta do it on the down low. Look for the crazy orange signs in the windows and you’ve found the spot