Albino UPS Truck

Okay, what’s this? A relative of the Albino Checker Cab? Something special for P. Diddy’s White Party?

What’s this for?

7 Responses to “Albino UPS Truck”

  1. Al says:

    It’s the ghost of trucks past.

  2. Cat Powers says:

    It’s used in the UPS yards for inter- and intra-site biz – it’s unfit for commercial use. Bring on the next inane ironic flick.

  3. Lyc says:

    It looks like its armored

  4. Will says:

    The white UPS truck looks nice. I think that would be a good idea for the UPS color scheme. I think the brown background is kinda out dated. Depsite the UPS logo change. And the dark color allows for the sun to shine heat into the trucks. And the white helps the sun reflect to reduce heat from getting in. Even though it can get filthy easily. Fed Ex uses white backgrounds on trucks and has really no issue with it. It would look good for UPS as well.

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