Mission Chinese Food Is Open!

The first MCF review is in, from YMFY. It cuts to the chase pretty quick, but along with the above picture it seems good enough for me:

Really spicy, really tasty.

Read on.

UPDATE: Looks like Doc Pop delivered the first review, well earlier, and with the same pic no less. Those two must be buds. (Thanks for the tip, Kevin!)


Mission Chinese Food Unveils Menu

8 Responses to “Mission Chinese Food Is Open!”

  1. johnny0 says:

    A big thumbs up to MCF.

    The Islamic lamb hot pot was nicely spicy & baby choy sum om nom nom.

  2. Leef Smith says:

    I had the chinito (on the right), and it was AWESOME. Not so spicy but with more tangy sour freshness.

  3. He was scooped by 90 minutes. burn!

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