'Sup With Cinema Latino?

Reader Laurie V. wants to know:

“Cinema Latino” is what that old pillar-sign seems to say. There’s
some recent construction inside; they seem to have inserted a new
floor halfway up the structure; you can see it through those two big
holes they punched in the facade. There are some planning notices out
front but they don’t really tell me anything. Anybody know what’s
going on?

All I know is that place has really gone down hill ever since they eradicated that epic Ribity. Anybody else have the scoop?

Photo by bsii.

11 Responses to “'Sup With Cinema Latino?”

  1. Muscle Queen says:

    Get ready to go crazy! I heard it’s going to be a higher end health club/gym.

    • SFDoggy says:

      A health club would be cool; I understand that during the dot-com era attempts to open health clubs were stalled because of fears of gentrification (plus the obligatory, “gyms are not representative of latino culture” arguments). Hopefully, that nonsense will be avoided this time.

  2. el jeffe says:

    How about a decent venue for live music in the Mission? That would be asking too much, though. Wouldn’t it?

  3. Arbor Police says:

    They have a permit to put some Whitey stuff up in there.

  4. Arbor Police says:

    …that’s whats “‘sup”

    How banal.