Somebody Pleeease Put Some Clips on YouTube!

Fabulous news! Television historian David Enos has uncovered official (?) synopses from episodes of 100 Van Ness, the SF-based ’70s sitcom we mentioned a couple weeks back. Here’s the first:

“Win Some, Lou’s Son” Lou’s estranged son re-appears.  Candace discovers a new recipe for her specialty, Christmas cake, and the kitchen gets out-of-hand.   Reed finds out that his new job as a Shakespearean actor is no walk in the park.

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2 Responses to “Somebody Pleeease Put Some Clips on YouTube!”

  1. Nick P. says:

    Oh I just figured Tag made this TV show up

  2. marijke says:

    can 100 van ness be a serial screen play that we get snippets of each week in mm? just a thought.