Acid is back

Janebook all but confirms it:

Jane: What are you doing tonight, want to go to that warehouse show?
Joe: Probably just going to Homestead. Gotta stay in the Mission, big day tomorrow.
Jane: Ooooh, what’s happening tomorrow?
Joe: Me and that guy Dan got some acid.

Huzzah! Let’s get fucked up!

[Photo by O.G. Old English]

6 Responses to “Acid is back”

  1. Joshua says:

    Clair was soaring on LSD, wondering what was happening to herself and whether she was going mad, and so forth, and the most crazed scream rang out: “Who cares!” And then: “Ray! … Ra-a-a-a-ay! .. . Who cares!” Not even such a manic scream could have been heard over the general roar and rush of the Test ordinarily, over the Grateful Dead wailing, or certainly not with such clarity, except for the fact that it was being picked up by a microphone and amplified out of huge theater horns— “Who cares!”That was just the thing for somebody like Clair to hear, Clair who thought she was going mad—the sound of a woman freaking out, blowing her mind, all of it amplified as if it were tearing out of every gut in the place and up through every brain.

    - My favorite part of the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

  2. Owsley says:

    Ever since Pickard went down in 2000, the Bay (and the world for that matter) has been far less Trippy…

    Let’s hope that this is a sign that things are changing, and some intrepid Berkeley or Standford organic chemistry grads are leading the charge!!!

  3. Jane says:

    Ohhhh my god, so all weekend long, distant acquaintances of mine have been texting me to hook them up with acid. I’ve been super confused like ‘whoa dude, why does everyone think I have acid??” … It all makes sense now!

  4. See that little square icon across from your name? Lick it and see.

  5. R.I.P. Owsley Stanley — died Sunday in a road accident in Australia, at the age of 76.

    My life would be lacking a certain spice without his influence.

  6. Fuck You says:

    Bitch shut the fuck up